Drawing Attention

Still alive, just not Blank It

We tried to reboot, but sputtered and failed to get air. But that doesn’t mean Aric and I are just resting on our laurels. I don’t even own a laurel last I checked.

We’re both avid Twitch streamers, Aric goes by Aghastronaut and I’ve reverted back to my old handle of HotSoup. Mostly we play Overwatch together, but we also play a bunch of indie games, and I of course stream whenever I’m drawing.

I’ve found some inspiration to draw comics again, so I’ve added the next page to the Kaleiope story. No promises, but it feels good to be working the craft again.

Blank It was a great project, I doubt I’ll create another one to eclipse it in my future. But I’m not going to try to resurrect something that’s not in my heart anymore. There’s enough comics about stupid white guys out there already. Go read something more enticing to the times. We’ll be around!

Thanks to you, Blank It is back.

We got some feedback from a lot of people. Some excited, some harsh, but in the end, Aric and I decided that if we’re going to tease a Blank It comeback, we have to do it right. So we rebuilt a new Patreon.


Now, Blank It is coming back for sure. We’ve even already hit the first two goals, which means we can cover hosting costs and hire a colorist for a monthly comic. That’s right, we’re starting out monthly. It’s what we can afford to do. If the Patreon ups the tempo, then we will keep pace. We’ve set plenty of goals to achieve more frequency and quality for the comic.

To the detractors thinking we’re in this for the money grab, I’m sorry to disappoint. All money made from the Patreon will be going to cover production costs directly incurred by the project. And should the Patreon, for whatever reason, exceed our needs to pay our helping hands and services and printers and all those fine, hard-working folk, the remainder will go to OTHER artists who are struggling to pay their heating bills. Aric and I have jobs that pay us money for what we do. This comic? It was never meant to carry us. But if we can help improve the lives of the creative community around us, we will.

And that’s where we’re at in this stage. Come along.

Assure the Return of Blank It

Do you want more Blank It? As adults with children and jobs, it has become harder and harder to carve out time to create. So, we’re going with nature’s incentive. Green. If Lemmo and Aric (me is Aric) can justify the use of their time by getting paid to create, they can make the proper case to their children and wives (one wife each) that they’re not just goofing around in the basement while someone else is pooping in and changing diapers.

So, here it is. Lemmo’s Patreon page. If $500 a month can be pledged, that’s a new Blank It strip a week. For $1,000, that’s two strips a week.

You can force our hand (I know, I keep changing from first to third person. A baby is making me tired). You can assure we make more strips by guilting us with getting paid for doing art.

There it is. Maybe it’ll happen, maybe it won’t. It’s up to you now. Spread the word.

All Good Bands Have Side Projects.

To you, Blank It is a comic. To us, it’s a taxing endeavor that yearns for completion but also eludes us. I say the comic’s not done and I stick by that (I’m not killing this story until Book 2 is complete), but in the meantime, to keep our juices flowing, Aric and I have started another comic called Kaleiope.


It’s a Tumblr, so you may have to scroll to get to the beginning. Anyway, it’s something to satisfy us in the meantime, hopefully it’ll provide you some entertainment as well.

Still Around, Doing Stuff

I’m getting my art chops back, sometimes it takes a few baby steps. One of these babies was contributing a Blank It themed major arcana to The Webcomics Tarot Project. I think you might recognize His Grand Crumbliness.

The Cookie King is of course one of my favorite characters to draw. He is, as my oldest daughter describes “too icky”. Too icky indeed.