1d6 Per Ten Feet


  1. FittyYen

    … why did old lemmo esplode? TAKE THE NEW ONEEEEEEE

  2. Ryan

    Dislike! You can’t just splortch Lemmo! Splortch new-Lemmo!

  3. Music-chan

    I bet you it still ends up all right somehow.

  4. Bluudwurth

    He splortched brown. I bet that’s significant. He probably has special tree-arm-based anti-splortch healing powers!

  5. vengerofthelight



  6. Lord Narwhal III

    is it time to start sceaming now?

  7. NoriMori

    He’s gonna reform, just like they did in that fence in the jungle. XD

  8. TaraSwanwing

    Wait, is new Lemmo made of…chocolate?

  9. TaraSwanwing

    Or is that old Lemmo- it is!

  10. PolleN112

    Old Lemmo’s splotch will absorb new Lemmo creating New-old Lemmo. The same will happen to Aric. Marina will be caught by someone/thing.

  11. MarshmallowRadiation

    Lemmo’s probably okay. He’s probably just still goo. Probably. Hopefully. Maybe. Or something. I mean, there’s no way he’s dead. Well maybe some way, but no way that I’ll accept.

    Also, looks like someone’s a little rusty in some spots on his artwork. New!Aric’s face in panel one seems to have been flattened by a steamroller. Otherwise, it looks good as/better than ever.

  12. UFOboy

    Is this why Lemmo magically had a new hand after his wood one broke? He was a chocolate doppelganger all along?

  13. Lemmo

    @MarshmallowRadiation I’m using Manga Studio now to do all of my inking digitally. before I either inked by hand with Microns, or since the start of book 2, didn’t bother inking at all. The problem is, I have some technical issues with curves, like Aric’s bald head. I’m sure I’ll either get better, or find a different method that works.

    The fun thing about webcomics is if you screw up the art, you get another chance next week.

  14. Shaelyn

    I think the better question is: why wasn’t old Lemmo saying “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”?

  15. Riverfox237

    ….Well. Um. That was. Uh. Repulsive might be the word. Yes. Maybe. No, perhaps too strong. Disturbing could work. And unexpected as well. Yes, let’s go with that. Certainly a seeming turn for the more graphic. I am sure GREAT HOLY MARSHMALLOWS WHAT JUST HAPPENED okay, no, I’m fine, really. I’m sure Lemmo’s…fine. Yes.

    0.o; *goes to hurk*

    I’ll admit I WAS wondering how this comic could possibly go an extended amount of time with two Lemmos and two Arics. I suppose this kind of solves the solution in a totally mortifying way?

    *goes and rereads all of the other commenters’ theories on how Lemmo didn’t actually die a grisly death just now until she feels better* And I have to admit that Aric’s face in the last panel is classic, whatever the repulsive/disturbing/unexpected/mortifying reasoning for it that is going on to the left there.

  16. Rozax

    So…are we gonna get a pair of Lemmos now?

  17. ShinRaiten

    I wonder if this place *splortched* lemmo just to prove aric wrong? And let’s see, starting height ~70ft., so 7d6 avg. falling damage 24 points, avg. level 1 human commoner 4hp… uh oh.

  18. Sir Matt

    Reminds me of the first time around when Fergus sat quietly on Lemmo’s shoulder while they plunged towards the mountain. That ended with the purple ocean being released. I have no idea what will happen this time.

  19. CyberSkull

    This universe delights in defying any and all rules, expectations and perspectives.

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