On the Cusp of Things to Come

It’s hard for me to blog right now of things on the horizon, because I’m the kinda guy who will just spill all the beans about everything we’re working on, potential or actual, and that’ll just create a windstorm of false hopes and chomped bits*. So we’ll just start with the things that are already implemented and move on from there.

We now have a search feature, compliments of WordOwl. And for those who have seen services like this such as OhNoRobot before, let me give a few props and back claps to WordOwl by saying this. OhNoRobot is a great service, like an Applebee’s waitress. You forget her name immediately, but she brought you your mild boneless wings and a diet coke without a fuss and her uniform is in order. WordOwl, my friends, is like a personal butler bringing you your martini while you sit by the pool, and asks if there’s anything more he can do for you. So, kudos to WordOwl for taking such good care of us over here. We support the underdog.

I have news of more features and potential convention info coming soon, so I’ll try to get it all put together tonight and blog about it tomorrow. Tonight is a Wednesday, which means I’ll probably broadcast over Ustream, 9pm Central. See you there.

* For those of you who wish to correct me and say “champed bits” because they heard it on Webcomics Weekly, both words work and are not wrong, despite what some podcasters chatter about.


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