A Clever Withdrawal


  1. McFlury

    HAHAHAHAHA! Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! Where can I buy these little robot friends? I definately need one… or maybe two… heck, I’ll take a dozen!

  2. Shardwing

    Does Aric plan on using that piece of the bug as some sort of sword?

  3. Jackson

    This is an exceptionally surreal moment, even by the standards you have already set for yourselves.

  4. Jeannie Wood

    OMG! The Little Robot Friend is a dancer! …He is dancing, right? I can just imagine Aric and Lemo sitting back and enjoying a little robot theatre…

  5. stubbsgun

    I fully advocate the use of word “egads”

  6. Goriath

    Ok, I think that Rob and Elliot may have made a new companion!

  7. Zapheres

    Woah. “Surreal” doesn’t fully describe that.

    Here’s what it’s come to: Aric and Lemmo, standing on a desert island with a palm tree made from parts of the flying half-bug that got Aric there in the first place, in a sea made from juices that spurted up from the ground because Lemmo knocked his half-bug into a moutain stage prop and it shattered the earth… ground… floor, whatever. They watch as a robot who fooled Lemmo into thinking it was Aric, summons a tiny robot to distract them while he runs away.

    Oh, and everyone’s Jesus.

  8. DragoNero

    I wonna tiny robot dancer!!!! It can sit on my desk and when i get bored *poke* DANCE!!!

  9. Bubble

    hey, I just read this from start to finish! Its the first webcomic I’ve ever read that makes me LOL with every page! Love it!!

  10. Destined

    Well, that settles it.
    They are inside a giant simulated world.

    With some AI problems.

    The robot is meant to monitor them.

  11. someone

    so his eyes arent really red

  12. someone

    or can they change color

  13. MaLady K

    Duuude, i laughed SO fricken HARD you don’t even KNOW!!

    ahhhhhhhhahhahaahhhhh heheh yessss…… thank you


  14. NippleBiter

    i wanna tiny robot to pop outta my chest and dace..in a nonehhh8udb3w3

  15. NippleBiter

    i wanna tiny robot to pop outta my chest and dace..in a nonlethal way… i hope it popped outta the robots chest…

  16. macksting

    It appears to have been thrown down, as per a smoke bomb.
    Precisely like a smoke bomb, really. Which makes me want it more.
    Yes indeed, this is surreal. It is almost as though the writers wish to thwart our guesswork at every turn.

  17. abitdark

    Super ninja tiny robot dancer does river-dance!!…. purple sea dance?.. the twist?

  18. Jloopy

    Looks more like the Michigan J. Frog dance.

  19. loqk

    Blank it is almost 100% pure awesome :-)

  20. noisyparker

    You guys are having entirely too much fun. Keep it up.

  21. Telinicus

    the tiny robot friend is missing only two things….. A top hat and a cane

  22. macksting

    o/~ Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my robot gal!
    All of my tubes and wires, my processor’s on fire!
    If you refuse me, they will reboot me; you’ll hear my startup tone,
    So robot baby, make my IP your home! o/~

    Okay, needs work. :)

  23. Goriath

    Mack, that was WIN. lol

  24. thealanberman

    Hold me closer Tiny Dancer…

  25. macksting

    I am humbled, The Alanber Man.
    So if Lemmo is the one most willing to wear his pants, does that make him the blue jean baby?
    No, seems that’s Aric. But Aric doesn’t like pants, and I’m not sure we’re improving on this premise here when we thereby make Lemmo the L.A. lady.

  26. Alice Rose


  27. MBizzle

    Awesome. Totally Pokemon-esque. “I choose you, tiny robot!”

  28. Parrot


    Can’t the other robot dance like that?

  29. evandiaz

    Just found your comic and I absolutely love it :D great work you two :D

  30. Rob Rodgers

    Just got blank it app this morning and can not stop reading.
    Thank you so much for making this.

  31. Somsphet

    well……that was awkward…..

  32. NoriMori

    HAHAHAHAH!!! That one actually made me laugh out loud! I can just hear, “CAN-CAN, can you do the CAN-CAN? Can you do the CAN-CAN…?” LMAO!

  33. Kabanzai

    This is the #1 funniest thing I’ve seen all year.
    Though, I’d really love to see a T shirt with this on it , so I can wear it and make others see it.

  34. NoriMori

    I just read this again and this is one of a few that actually made me laugh out loud uncontrollably, except I had to laugh quietly cuz people in this residence are asleep… So it was like a smoker’s laugh or something. XD

    I only just noticed that the little robot isn’t doing its job. Aric and Lemmo are still watching Automaric run away. You could interpret his face as being like, “Hey!! Look over here! WHY AREN’T YOU LOOKING???? AHHH the plan is failing!!!”

  35. seananners

    mack,u forgot the 2 ♪`s, ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♭#

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