A Daisy Indeed


  1. Arantor

    OH NOES!!!11!

    Is this the end of one of the two lovable rogues in this increasingly non blank universe?

    Tune in next time, same Blank-time, same Blank-channel!!

  2. Jon

    Hmm…This universe is getting really wierd o_o and what’s with the purple liquid stuff? Oh well…awesome comic!

  3. tesla tesla tesla


  4. noisyparker

    Well, “hand soda” wasn’t purple, fortunately…

  5. MaxyDawg

    maybe it’s some sort of temp-blindness juice?

  6. Orion

    The ground leaks?

  7. Brendan

    I’m flashing back to Scissorhands in the waterbed

  8. Miesa

    it just keeps getting better and better

  9. noisyparker

    It may just be the mountain’s majesty spurting out

  10. macksting

    To think. I didn’t have to go all the way back to figure out it wasn’t hand juice (gads, what an image) as I coulda just read these comments.
    We can also guess that it’s not simply what fills the boundary of the floor, as that was covered when the Shovel Beam was created.
    Although the rules may be arbitrary.
    I think, for now, I’ll refer to the purple stuff as “majesty.” That’s such a brilliant idea, and I really think it’s possibly from the mountain rather than the floor.

  11. Sillytwist

    OH NOES, Lemmo lost his hat in panel 3, btw nice artwork.

  12. Ralis

    Acctually, Sillytwist, if you study panel 2 real hard, I do think he lost his hat there :)

  13. NoriMori

    The hell…?

    LOL, macksting, I love the name “majesty”! It is indeed brilliant!

    Yeah, and based on what we’ve seen so far, I’m willing to bet that the rules are arbitrary. ;) Although, you never know, there may be some hard-and-fast rules, just different from ours.

    But I also agree that the “majesty” is coming from the mountain. XD

  14. Handgunman

    So in one part of the world, if you break a hole in the ground, you get an infinite beam. In another part, if you break the ground, you get PURPLE STUFF!

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