A Fog So Thick


  1. Kunay

    Well here goes my first post…

    Great comic, I enjoy not actually being able to predict what is actually going to happen =D Anyone else notice that Misty being named would be a terrible idea at this point?

  2. Greyryder

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. If she was solid, she might not survive very long.

  3. Ray

    Well, well, it appears now from the scenery, that Lemmo & Aric and Misty will have some other clothes to wear. Assuming that’s what the green and red stuff is. And perhaps the knives will come in handy. Anyway, yeah, it does appear that Misty is taking form.

  4. Megan

    Hahaha! I can just hear her screach ;)

  5. Renee

    She needs to relax before she goes all corporeal on us!

  6. Jackson

    Misty’s overreacting a bit. Horrible things aren’t even happening to her. Now if she’d been named, it would be a different story entirely…

  7. A dude

    I find it interesting that Misty is always upset when she passes through more solid matter, as though her and her kind are not accustomed to the relative hazards of interacting with this stuff in the Canvas.

    I suppose the other side of this coin could be that she has a very dramatic personality and that she pines for attention.

    The contents of the ship are also peculiar. I wonder what sort of unexpected properties they take on within the Canvas.

  8. Bryan

    hmmm… with how accident prone she is, I’m thinking it might be a mistake to give her a name and solid body!
    she’d have been seriously injured if not dead by now if she had a name.

  9. g_rock

    I see a pattern of interaction emerging between the canvas and the characters. First, the differences between Aric’s and Lemmo’s approaches to the situation hinted that any attempt to force your will or a change on the canvas were met with proof that the canvas does what the canvas “wants”. Now, it seems to be a pattern. Misty wants to be named, in violation of her apparent place in the canvas, which seems to be hinting that it would maybe be a bad idea…

  10. Midoriko

    Maybe the Canvas wants Aric and Lemmo to be the only “real” characters, and the fact that Misty is getting more of a personality is making the Canvas nervous. Maybe it feels like Misty is messing up its plan and keeps trying to take her out.

    And she may not be killed by falling knives or sudden runways or bits of plane or anything, but that doesn’t mean she’s overreacting. Arms made of marshmallows, remember? I just hope she thinks twice about becoming solid… it’s looking like she wouldn’t last very long.

  11. Midoriko

    Also, can we take a minute to appreciate the sound effects in the third panel?

  12. macksting

    Moment taken. Nice sound. :)
    So the penguins were seals?

  13. Leroy_Octopus

    Ha! I just noticed those sound effects! Great stuff!

  14. jillybee72

    shink shank shunk, that’s perfect latin conjugation!

  15. Ziggy Stardust

    Quick, everyone- put on a cape, grab a knife and we’ll see where it goes from there!
    I’m wondering about the nuances of Misty’s dress now. It doesn’t look to be in the modern style, much like Pericles Van Mudgett’s clothing did when he was named… would she be wearing all the appropriate undergarments?
    Misty’s looking upset in the last panel… I would be, too. Also, those knives landed [i]perfectly[/i]. All of them stuck in the ground, I can never get that on the first try.

  16. Lasherman

    Very funny today, loved it. Also, to Jackson, I don’t think she’s overreacting; in a previous comic she mentions how passing through solid matter is like being stabbed in the brain with a marshmellow arm, which while it may be delicious, it would probably feel horrible.

  17. boring7

    I notice that Misty seems to be taking the role of “straight man” more as Aric’s relative absence continues.

    She is also becoming more amusing and defined, without having a name, as time progresses. The adventurous spirit of “huzzah! rewards and investigation!”

  18. Lipkin

    The knives are all sticking into the ground! And they seem to be completely surrounding Misty. What if they sliced into the ground, cutting out a hole around Misty. SHe would start to fall ala Lemmo, and no one would be able to rescure her without naming her. And then we would have a knife beam, and if all the knifes were falling at a different rate, Misty might not survive being solid, and…. and….


  19. djeims

    Perhaps Misty is being attacked by things *because* they won’t hurt her.

    I just hope a use can be found with the snorkels, ingot, and cape. Perhaps the ingot can be used to investigate the depths of the purple sea.

  20. Jevning

    Well, if she’s going to be solid, Lemmo has to practice caring about what happens to her. She left everything that she knew to follow him but can’t even get a “Hey, you okay?” before he continues on his train of thought?

    As a girl, who wants to be around a guy who doesn’t even seem to care about her enough to want to protect her or inquire about her well being? Physically she may wispy and only feel the pummeling of marshmallow arms but her mental state is still crisp and clear. (I’ve noticed her expression to always be kinda freaked out when something unusual happens to her… a little acknowledgement goes a long way in a friendship/potential relationship.)

  21. Thanatos

    Ziggy, the knives all fell that way because they are balanced heavily forward. Meaning the blades are heavier than the handles. Most good knives aren’t built that way because it’s usually not a good thing. Most people prefer to have knives that are easy to hold straight forward

  22. Ziggy Stardust

    Ah, Thanatos, that would make sense! Thank you, that was bugging me.

  23. Teru

    Something that I’ve realized and am pretty sure has not appeared since the Purple Sea…is water. Why would there be snorkels if there was no water?

    …is that where the penguins came from?

  24. Ziggy Stardust

    In all fairness, the purple stuff probably isn’t water.

  25. macksting

    Whatever it is didn’t immediately kill or mutilate Aric when he plunged into it, so I think we can call the Purple Sea water. We know damn well it isn’t leg juice.
    I suspect the penguins were *bound* for the Purple Sea, as that seems to be the last place we saw Matryoshka Bugs.

  26. Redwolf

    dude, i couldn’t of come up with this if i had of spent 3 weeks rewatching the entire back catalouge of kevin smith and reading up on my existential theory.

  27. Asok


    you’re a mean one, mister grinch…

  28. MeVicky

    @jevning, there would have been no point to ask misty if she is “okay”. Everything that has happened to her would have most likely killed her if she was corporeal, and nothing effects her ghost-body now, so I’d say Lemmo’s callous uncare of Misty’s wellbeing just shows adaptation to the fact that nothing, so far, has harmed her besides marshmallow arms… Not that he’d be able to help her, she’d pass through his arms.
    On a side note, I wonder how Lemmo/Aric would handle a dead body in their cosmic playground, so to speak… :)

  29. Twilakam

    She is a magnet for bad things…

  30. Nararauko Withwonell

    Anyone else noticed that she already has a name, thanks to the comments?

  31. switch

    Now don’t go too far with this, but I see that Misty acts a lot like Aric would if he were there. And also, ‘Misty’ would sound pretty cheesy if that’s what she was named. It fits well when she’s a non-entity but once she’s solid, it’d just be weird.

  32. Acanthophis

    “Can we stop ignoring when horrible things happen to me?”
    Ironically, the more Lemmo ignores Misty when horrible things happen, the less solid she is when it happens, so it probably hurts less to have her be ignored. In fact, it would probably be a good idea to ignore her until she has stepped out of the ring of knives.
    Afterwards, kind words and a hug might be in order. Or at least a pat on the shoulder; a hug would require incredible kinesthetic sense and visual acuity on Lemmo’s part. I’m sure Misty can feel things touching her, and I’m pretty sure she can feel the difference between getting punched with a marshmallow and a pat on the shoulder.

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