A Little Pick-Me-Up


  1. Lipkin

    Well, THAT is interesting!

    Also, Socks!

  2. Ashton Melancon

    Socks indeed! also, what’s up with the bug/crab arms?

  3. Sillytwist

    It appears that a bug/crab knocked over or broke the hand-soda machine and caused a forest of hands to appear

  4. Renee

    That’s kinda creepy . . . Though, Socks seems to be okay with it, so I’m okay with it. Looks like the pinky finger on the hand is stroking his/her fur.

  5. Lantash

    Cool to get socks back!
    Ok so the vender is bust and we get random hands….
    Have we ever seen a crab thing befor I can’t remember one? Perhaps a hint of things to come.

  6. Ziggy Stardust

    They broke the hand juice machine!
    The monsters!

  7. Sylvia

    It’s the hands!!! And boy, have they grown.

  8. macksting

    This is definitely evidence in favor of my expiration date theory. While these haven’t expired, they’ve produced hands in a manner I have predicted as the manner of an expired can of Hand Juice.
    Now they have no more Hand Juice. Bummer.

  9. Ray

    Oh dear. So, it’s a forest of living, gigantic, tickling hands??

  10. me.vicky

    AWESOME. Semi-sentient giant hands springing up from the ground. This is an idea I can get behind.

  11. Megan

    SOCKS FOX!!! =^..^=


    ^_^ At the comic meet-up, you alluded to how much Socks is not well like and may possibly never re-appear again. And yet there it is!!! *squee*

    I <3 socks.

  12. Megan

    “is not well like-D!” correction, too excited to type correctly, apparently lol

  13. djeims

    We’ll be buzzing those off with a shovel beam, of course.

  14. macksting

    Hope nobody falls into the little green pooling hand juice around the base of the big hands. That’s be gnarsty.

  15. Da Mighty Camel

    This sure is getting out of hand.

  16. Fedorov92

    @ Da Mighty Camel: Du-duh-duh. *symbols crash*

    SOX! I knew he/she/it would be back!!! And yet another loose end is tied up! I always wondered about what would happen when those random hands started growing so long ago… now we know!

    Lemmo is my favorite, btw!

  17. someone

    so thats where sox has been living … and what it’s been eating

  18. Jallice

    Hah, so I wasn’t the only one who noticed Socks ^_^

  19. TheBananaFish

    It’a like a radioactive M.C. Escher drawing.

  20. Da Mighty Camel

    @Fedorov: Agreed, my only concern now is if they will be able to handle the situation at hand.

  21. Mark

    The physics of the situation implies that it was lemo who crashed into the Hand Vendor. This is because he is up the top of a hand tree and they do not appear to have the greatest flexibility. Without it growing underneath him there is not reason for him to be in a hand tree. However, given Socks is also in a hand tree. this puts into doubt this.

    In summary, something happened, and they are both now up hand trees.

  22. TheBananaFish

    @Da Mighty Camel – Haha. “Hand”le the situation at “hand.” Was that intentional or a very nice coincidence? I can feel a whole slew of hand puns coming.

  23. Midoriko

    An interesting development indeed. The question is now how to get the hands to stop man-handling Lemmo and hand him over–if Aric is a handy wordsmith he may get enough of a handle on them to have them unhand the former.

    Can one talk to hands? Do hands have ears?

  24. Timeline

    Well that’s handy!

  25. boring7

    of course they have ears, what else would they cup to?

    Yeah, sorry, not feelin’ the “hand” joke right now.

  26. JamesLite

    I almost missed Socks the fox there.

  27. camerbob

    I thought socks was some weird blister for a moment.
    About the bug legs: maybe this is where the bugs came from????

  28. boring7

    I suspect they’re just bug hands.

  29. guttedforyoucomics

    i cant really comment on the bug leg things, but im pretty sure when they left the hand juice the first time they dropped a can of it and then a few small hands sprouted from the puddle of it on the floor, im guessing that haging had time to grow, they knocked into the hand juice machine mabye?

  30. Da Mighty Camel

    @Bananafish, Midorika and Timeline: Huzzah for puns! Hand them a round of applause, people!

  31. me.vicky

    @ Da Mighty: In other words, let’s give them a BIG HAND.

    ar har har har har horf.

  32. Lemmo

    Okay, the puns might be getting out of hand, here.

  33. Daniel


  34. Timeline

    Was the color of the hand on the left changed after the recent discussion about the comic being populated with only white people? :o

  35. LinkCable

    I wonder what happened to all that Confetti over the Shovel Beam…

  36. Lipkin

    I’m guessing that the sheer amount of Hand Juice spilled is what caused the hands to grow so large. And the crab and bug appendages are clearly the result of the other types of soda in the machine.

  37. Miesa

    absolute inspiration on how to decorate my room now

  38. Nietzsche DemoGraphic

    So, I reread this page 50 times since its been up. It took reading these comments to finally catch Socks. Then I Squeed. Then I found a mop. Should I take the spiders and crab hands to indicate cans of Hand Juice that went bad?

  39. NoriMori


    This comic is officially EPIC WIN!!!

  40. Limzee

    Is that from the can he dropped way back when? :D

  41. dagonboy6666

    “They broke the hand juice machine!”
    “The monsters”

    Full attack on the hands

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