A Morsel of Helpings


  1. macksting

    Comfort food with a gooey center.

  2. McFlury

    Bwahahah! Legendary :)

    But I told you Chip the Chocolated00d was definately not a bad guy. He even became Aric’s servant apparantly…

  3. pSyche

    The only problem with being carried by a chocolate chip dude is that it will leave an awkward stain on yer bum.

  4. Jill

    pSyche is right, no one will believe you.

  5. Katlyn

    Nope, never believe you. I go make popcorn now.

  6. maglorius

    I hope the ride is comfortable. Get it comfort food, comfy ride? :)

  7. Jackson

    For all his advocacy of social norms, Aric seems unaware that sometimes adherence to decorum requires sacrifice.

  8. Megan

    I don’t believe the story about the trail he’s leaving either =P This could bring up that awkward discussion (which should never happen!) of “is that chocolate or…”

  9. Sugur

    I really thought Aric had eaten Chip, until the last panel. You have to admit, that would be the bast way to stop a giant cookie from menacing you.

  10. macksting

    I’m not convinced Aric has it in him to eat something which has a face to look you in the eyes with. I’m almost certain I don’t; all my meat is made by the folks at the store and comes in plastic.
    Not strictly true. However, I do know that I have a harder time now than in previous years when trying to eat rabbit.

  11. Ziggy Stardust

    It seems Chip was just having a coughing fit and expelled some gooey goodness onto Aric… poor Aric, there’s no laundrymat at all, and no mop to clean up that trail Chip’s leaving. This is going to bother me for some time- WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO CLEAN THAT UP? Maybe Socks will oblige to eat it… but if I was there I would clean that up post-haste.

  12. macksting

    Blraghla indeed!
    Anyway, I updated the Wild Mass Guessing page; I feel we can set aside the theory that Arica/Misty is in fact Aric, but the idea had its validity. I’ve also added my own Pair Theory: That the pair, unpaired, generate pairings.

  13. Ray

    I feel sorry for Aric now. Granted, he has a servant, but the indignity it carrying him will cause…

  14. Collegeryu

    o.O Oh noe I reached the updated portion. T.T This is a highly enjoyable comic!

  15. Sillytwist

    zomgsh aric is so dirty… i wonder how lemmo is doing and if misty is ok due to the fact she just saw lemmo blow up.

  16. maglorius

    Is anybody else concerned that Aric’s hair will soon take over and control his body?

  17. Lyfon

    @Maglorius: I’m beginning to be.

  18. macksting

    I’m not so worried about it, but I’ll add it to the Biology section of the Wild Mass Guessing page; to my knowledge, this is the first time somebody has mentioned the possibility that Aric’s hair needs to eat.

  19. maglorius

    Maybe the hair will eat all the chocolate mess? Robot/gorgon hair might do that.

  20. maglorius

    “Thanatos wrote
    July 2nd, 2009 at 3:43 am
    Unless Chip the Carnivorous Cookie got eaten by Aric’s self-motivated bionic hair, we do still have that option.”

    Looking back, I see Thanatos made that wild guess already!
    Is it time to name Aric’s hair yet? I nominate “Medusa”

  21. Ziggy Stardust

    Maybe he has an unconscious desire to look more like Axl Rose and his hair is complying. 0.o
    I think his hair is just growing, self-motivated bionic hair or no. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar(but not if Groucho is holding it -_-)

  22. GracefulDave

    Just found the comic today off of Goats. I was very hurt when Pure Pwnage stopped doing comics; haven’t been back since. The banner reminded me of Mac Hall, incidentally. Anyways, read the archives (honestly shocked when it stopped, I wanted so much more!), heard about The Threat, so here I am. Now bring me the laughs!

  23. macksting

    The goodness of laughs is kosher.

  24. macksting

    As to bionic hair names, I can think of nothing better than Medusa, and have recorded both Thanatos’ and Maglorious’ contributions under the Hair Theory.

  25. Sampson

    I want a cookie shirt.

  26. MishLDirnt

    Good cookie :3

  27. switch

    The first frame, I was rejoicing in Aric’s domination of the cookie menace. The second, I was glad for the possibility of Lemmo and Aric rejoining forces. As for the last frame, I was thinking, “Wow. I didn’t see that one coming.”. Huh.

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