A Super Collider


  1. Jackson

    Aw crap! No more insect-husk lighthouse! Just when you’re getting used to something in this universe, something else comes along and changes it completely…

  2. Kuushi

    Panel one Aric reminds me of the strip scene from Fame.

  3. macksting

    I wonder if insults keep them flying as well. Certainly it seems a bad attitude helps, if only in generating fuel.

  4. McFlury

    Lighthouses are fer keepin thins away… what ‘thins’ do they want to keep away? What horrors await our friends?
    I’m getting scared because of the possibilities here…

  5. Jloopy

    There must be a whole swarm of Fergus-like creatures… and their flying machines.

  6. Lipkin

    And they all must be lazy.

  7. Jeannie Wood

    The Adventures of Fergus and Terry! Do we see a spin off coming our way…?

  8. EP

    this comic is weird

  9. boring7

    AWESOME weird.

  10. Briarios

    Way awesome weird. Get more people to visit the site! We need more updates :)

  11. stubbsgun

    Those bug guys could be the taxi service of this vacant world!

  12. nuclearwhale

    I dont think its vacant anymore there are residents (If you count socks fox and the robots and the new bug that just appered)

  13. McRabid

    What ever happened to Aric’s fox socks?

  14. someone

    i miss the sock fow

  15. Dave

    Heh. I guess Aric must have been affected by some of Fergus’ insults for him to be putting his shirt back on so quickly…

  16. the_blue_jester

    Now define “unique readers” because hell I am visiting everyday day from four machines :-).

    And yea Briarios Way awesome weird. in the most awesome good way ever.

  17. Blunger1

    [/uncannon]Wow. Just found this off of Coyote Trax’s review.

    Excellent comic! [/uncannon]

    [cannon] Wow. Even after teh lighthouse crashed, it still glows insultingly. It has a “you can’t beat me” attitude, apparently.[/cannon]

  18. Mailliw

    ….wait, what? someone has a NAME in this world?

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