Adventurous Company



    And the adventures of Aric are finally revealed!!!

    Also – Happy Holidays everyone.

  2. macksting

    Happy Whatever Holiday Most Offends You.
    For me, that’d be Billy Holiday. Mrf.

  3. Arantor

    Where else in the known interwebverse would I find a comic that had dialogue by “Aric’s trousers” and “Aric’s jacket”?

    As Fergus might, but probably wouldn’t, say “Greetings o’ th’ season t’ yuh all!”

  4. Miesa

    Happy Christmas folks!!! and i want a purple ocean!!! haha

  5. DragoNero

    Purple ocean? SHINY! =D

  6. Teru

    Aric is still bald? Poor guy.

  7. Arantor

    He might not be; he’s just wearing his shirt on his head so he might have some hair already.

    We have no indication of how time has progressed either (to facilitate hair growth), but presumably unless they start getting hungry they are either in a place where food is unnecessary, food will be provided as necessary, or the entire time so far has been a couple of hours…

  8. NoriMori

    The hell…?

  9. Me

    @Arantor They haven’t thought of food; therefor, they aren’t hungry.

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