Against the Elements


  1. Shinlink

    Where did the wind come from? Also is that makeshift tree now emitting light?

  2. Goriath

    Oooooo is our little world about to become more dark and sinister? Did the giant flying exoskeletal-machine have glow in the dark bits because when “night” comes on this plane very dark things creep about?

  3. Bubble

    Maybe the world (or whatever) is developing the weather? Who knows, and will we ever find out?….

    Great job though, cracks me up with every new page!

  4. Miesa

    ooooo super palm tree night light~!

  5. Ray

    A glowing palm tree, weather, & night-time(Of sorts.). How interesting, still, it looks like they’ll be stranded for a while. Also, I wonder how they’re going to deal with their almost constant lack of food?

  6. Somebody

    When was the last time you saw someone eat in any comic strip?

  7. lemmo

    For the record, at least we have plausible explanations for our guys not eating or using the bathroom. We just haven’t explored them in the strip yet.

  8. Kris-face

    Perhaps they can both be explained in one (rather disgusting) fell swoop.

  9. lemmo



    Or perhaps release them in a rather lengthy documentary format about “The Physics of the BlankIt World.” Either way, it’s a very interesting change.

  11. macksting

    Jennifer Diane Reitz used an omake strip format to release, at her own pace and without breaking her comic’s flow, little treatises on the physics of Tryslmaistan via a character’s writing of children’s stuff. I neither endorse nor am I against the idea of using this method for BlankIt, but X-Soldier, your documentary thing made it spring to mind.

  12. Jackson


  13. Renee

    Garsh indeed!

  14. NoriMori

    Maybe the light just exists everywhere, and the wind blew all of it away except for what was in the tree. Or maybe there’s a certain amount of light, and the laws of physics in this universe are such that the light must occupy a space that will contain it entirely without allowing any extra space; and when the wind was finished blowing, the only place that was feasible for the light to exist was in the tree leaves.

    Am I over-thinking this? :)

  15. switch

    This seems like a case of readers annoying writers about the light issue, and the subsequent revenge of the writers. Or, (insert fart joke here).

  16. dagonboy6666

    it’s just a glow in the dark tree and as I stated in If you look
    you’ll see thee light being blown away. this effect is caused by a giant fan place somewhere in the blank. the lights all have sensers n them that can decet prussure changes. fan turns on and the higher air preusre acts as on/off switch. If this is in fact not what is going on then I’ll use this concept in one of my stories

  17. dagonboy6666

    February 12th, 2009 at 2:03 pm
    Perhaps they can both be explained in one (rather disgusting) fell swoop.


    February 12th, 2009 at 5:04 pm


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