Aggressive Diplomacy


  1. Jackson

    Even when slaying his foes, Aric still has time for a dramatically verbose parting speech. And apparently the bug has a parting speech of its own. Man, why are there so many bugs?

  2. L Taylor

    That should be everyone’s reaction to meeting new friends.

  3. Ray

    I wouldn’t like it if I would self-destruct after every time I got a friend. Still, it seems bug skins are very advanced technology in this universe. That doesn’t seem good.

  4. WeeGoblin

    I bet they wish it was like the safe ol’ days when all you had to contend with was a lost hat and a shovel beam.

  5. nuclearwhale

    Hmmmm what happened to the shovel beam anyway is it still there or is there a waterfall in its place (because of the ocean draining into the hole of the shovel beam and falling out the ceiling)

  6. them1me1you

    well, this does prove that insects can speak without their heads. they must have some sort of neck-vocal coordination thingy to speak

  7. Renee

    Aric would be a great candidate for public relations.

  8. Gram

    ROFL! Moar!

  9. Sillytwist

    When i read this for the first time i couldn’t stop laughing. The bug jumping out and lemmo making it make a weird noise and Aric’s priceless reaction with a poetic battle cry. Epicness, this comic is filled with it.

  10. Aaanx

    Was there a bug pilot in the head?

  11. macksting

    I should go back and try to figure out if it’s the proper size to hold a bug in its head, or if it’s the size of the littlest Matryoshka bugs.
    I also should update the wiki that Matryoshka Bug ship sub-pilots may self-destruct.

  12. switch

    Lemmo should watch out, since Aric appears to be part ninja with violent tendencies.

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