Airborne Pests


  1. reader

    Awww! Poor socks.

  2. Zapheres

    Socks Fox Talks! :O

  3. Renee

    Yay! Socks talks! That’s so cool! He should grab a ride, too. They can’t just LEAVE him there!

  4. Jloopy

    Now Socks has no other choice but to jump into the shovel beam. He has no one to prance around for, so death is the only solace.

  5. Nemodos

    This universe is just full of more and more surprises!

  6. Teru

    It speaks?
    It is the amazing.

    Aha! The sombrero has a purpose! It covers Arics now bald head! xD

  7. Miesa

    HA. lols are had!

  8. Beef

    Talks? LIKE A FOX

  9. camerbob

    Uh, “Jloopy” has a sad outlook on this universe. I think socks can just grabonto one of the streamers


    I think that since Socks Fox talks (I feel like I’m in a Dr. Suess book saying that), that (s)he’ll hopefully be around for a bit longer, as maybe (s)he has some idea what’s happening around this place.

  11. Murphs

    Oh great. Where did THIS hat come from?

  12. Arantor

    @Murphs – it was inside the Giant Flying Nightmare Monster, although where *that* came from is anyone’s guess…

  13. Stubbs

    haha you fools, socks IS the creator and controller of this random universe, muhahaha

  14. them1me1you

    he’s a—lone in the universe, so alone in the universe, his own planets and stars are glowing

  15. Parrot

    Socks is the CUTEST THING EVER!
    Can I have him? Please?

  16. socksbot

    lol socks “dammit”

  17. NoriMori

    LOL! Before the whole comic loaded, I just saw Socks go “Dammit”, and I was like, “…What?”

    To me this makes him less cute, though…

  18. Biligum

    D’aaaaaaaaaaw… You guys can’t leave Socks behind!

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