Akin to Preserves


  1. macksting

    Also, they’re protected in there from flying bugs. Damn things crash a lot.

  2. the_blue_jester

    I am just waiting for a vending machine of “Hair Cola” to appear. Aric’s egghead could distract more giant flying bugs.

  3. Ray

    Well, that cellar can’t be too large. They entered through the mountain, and the last time someone broke the floor of this world(See: The Shovel Beam.), it just resulted in them being sent back to the sky. Also, it seems making trap doors appear and easily using them is a common power/ability in this world…

  4. macksting

    Ia, the last time somebody broke the floor of a spot raised above the world’s proper floor, the trap door disappeared. I’ve been thinking about this cellar in relation to the little robot friend.

  5. WeeGoblin

    You’re only locked in the cellar if you’re trying to get out.

  6. boring7

    You’re also locked in the cellar if you are trying to keep other people out.

    Team Arimo (or is it Lemmic?) should see if there is a secret cavern to explore and spelunk.

    Or re-grow Aric’s hair/head-hat-holding-hand.

  7. Gram

    Macksting has a good point. Now I’m worried.

  8. macksting

    They’d best not be left down there too long.
    “D’ya hear that sound?! It’s the beatin’ o’ tha idjiot heart!”

  9. Sampson

    merch idea, the optimism medal

  10. camperp

    One of these days, Lemo’s going to find that pony. Keep digging!

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