Alert: Alliteration Ahead


  1. Aman firehawk

    Yay! New comic. Blank it FTW!

  2. Piemaster

    AHA nice alliteration.
    My fave sign is the sign in the far right side. “You are now it.”

  3. i hate ps3 lol

    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  4. Jaz

    “buy one get one punch in the face.” loveit. loveitloveitloveit!! for the record, if I were ever closed in by mysteriously appering signs with mouths and awesome sayings on the back, I would be screaming. and cussing. but mostly screaming. -Jaz out

  5. Couldahadav8

    Hahaha, “death spider snake crossing.” Genius

  6. NoriMori

    “Buy One Get One Punch in the Face”

    “Caution Falling Corndogs”

    “Do Not Feed the Statues”

    “You Are Now It”

    OMG, I love these! They’re awesome!

    Their awesomeness reminds me of that line from an earlier one: “Since you’re invincible, if you got really fat, would you stay fat since you couldn’t destroy your fat?” XD!!

    And that, in turn reminds me of a logical paradox I read about on Wikipedia: If God is omnipotent, can he create a rock so heavy that he cannot lift it? o.O

  7. NoriMori

    Lol, Couldahadav8, you reminded me of The Glades yesterday… “Spirit Crossing”. Who the hell paid for that sign? How could a spirit be hurt by getting run over? And he actually STOPPED?? XD It was very lulz.

  8. anony

    second from the left, “IN YO FACE”

  9. Why Is The Sky Green?!

    I am now it. Coolerino. Awesomenosity.

  10. AllCaps

    BY ONE GET ONE PUNCH IN THE FACE?!?!?!?!? WELL HOT DOG! lol:) i luv this comic:) p.s. NoriMori i heart the glades:)

  11. Math_Mage

    Of course, “Alert: Alliteration Ahead” is not itself alliteration, but assonance. An amusing aside.

  12. Socksbot

    I have got to say this if anything I love this comic because its funny and educated

  13. cheetaboy7

    I think on the sign right next to “free circus peanuts” it says “in yo face”, am I right?

  14. macksting

    I really think it does say that, yes. In yo face, indeed.
    You’ll notice that it’s that sign’s backside saying that.


    I love their wavy little leaf arms when they pop up. XD

    If you imagine them all saying “Wooooo!” It’s much less intimidating.

  16. Da Mighty Camel

    Oh god this is hilarious.

  17. minando

    Those signs REALY make no sense…no wonder they are freaking out.

  18. Fire arms

    C’mon show us the new liquid powers Eric and Lemmo now posses! I must see how they face this horde of signs with them!

  19. Wonderboy

    one sign reads “in yo face”

  20. anonymous Doctor fan

    weeping angel
    Do not feed the ^ statues.

  21. Defier of Physics

    All the signs are hilarious, but my favorite is “YOU ARE NOW IT”.

    It needs to be followed by one that says: “You just lost the game.”

  22. Me

    I just lost the game.

  23. Unlisted

    That is a cruel and unfair thing to do Me

  24. Music-chan

    CLEARLY….these signs are win

  25. MultiversalInk

    Pent in by a Plethora of Potentially Perilous Proclamatory Placards.

    @Math_Mage: Alert: Assonance Ahead?

  26. Hackey

    My favourite thing about this comic is that they’re being attacked by potentially life-threatening signs and they think to themselves “But you know what would make this better? THE LETTER P!!”

  27. djeims

    @Hackey: There does not exist a thing such that it is not improved by the letter P.

  28. Cheetaboy7

    Chuck Norris is perfect without the letter P.

  29. Ray

    But I wanna feed the statues! And no, YOU’RE it! No touchbacks!

  30. BlueSox


  31. NoriMori

    @Defier of Physics

    “All the signs are hilarious, but my favorite is ‘YOU ARE NOW IT’.

    It needs to be followed by one that says: ‘You just lost the game.'”

    Goddammit Defier of Physics!!! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME???

    Who the hell invented the game anyway…?

  32. NoriMori

    Math_Mage, it still counts as alliteration. It’s just that it’s ALSO an example of assonance.

  33. TechUnadept

    Alliteration. Awesome. Amirite?

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