All The King’s Men


  1. Sir Matt

    The poor fellow back there always did have trouble getting people to listen to him exactly when, where, and how he wanted them too. Glad to see Lemmo’s alright-ish.

  2. ThisIsNotDan

    Green hands Lemmo smash!

  3. vengerofthelight


  4. MarshmallowRadiation

    *nearly vomits*

    Okay, there are definitely worse things that could have happened. Like the legs not re-attaching at all, or you know, Lemmo not surviving in the first place.

    And poor, poor Pericles. Even with that wacky name and an inexplicable beard no one notices him.

  5. Lipkin

    It’s not inexplicable. He’s the new Pericles, just like these are the new Aric and Lemmo.

  6. Riverfox237

    Poor Pericles. No one respects him.

    Man, even good-natured Lemmo is losing patience with this place. XD That is the first time I can remember seeing him completely lose his temper. Nice to see he’s alive at least.

    Hey, look! New Lemmo & Arik are rapidly exiting! Are they leaving the story already?

  7. The Nitpick

    Oh yeah! Totally called it! (see yesterday’s comments for explanation). I wonder how he’s supposed to keep his balance while punching something, though.

  8. NoriMori


    At first I wondered why Lemmo’s new “hands” were green, then I looked at his shoes again… XD

  9. Lord Narwhal III

    so… we have now seen that their gleatinous forms are still somewhat in effect (i think); in following that thought couldn’t lemmo just rearange his body to normal again?

  10. PolleN112

    HULK HANDS!!!!!

  11. ShinRaiten

    That’s the fall that broke the Lemmo’s legs? Well, not broke so much as detached.

  12. Music-chan

    Aw, I feel so bad for Pericles.

  13. Bluudwurth

    Reminds me of the Bill Cosby sketch wherein immediately before the child spankings ensue his wife says, “I HAVE HAAD ENOUGH OF THIIIISS!!!!”

  14. Rozax

    Well I’M wondering why you…

  15. Ozimul

    Poor Lemmo.
    And Pericles.

  16. medikohl

    I can feel my legs

  17. Rozax

    Well, better than having legs and NOT being able to feel them, I suppose. ^^;

  18. Monty Pylon

    I get the title reference. Clever…

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