All Too Familiar


  1. mgbeers

    This is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.

  2. NoriMori

    Shovel beam! With improved art style!

    Aww man, poor Aric. I just wanna give him a hug all the time right now.

  3. Dana

    Poor Aric! Maybe now he’ll use the shovel beam to get rid of the robot hand? And then drink some hand juice to grow a regular hand back? Or would the robot hand regrow instead? Too many possibilities! Very much in love with these guys.

  4. David Ahia

    This is some quality stuff. I approve. Also, the return of shovel beam! (When are we getting to this chapter’s main plotline I wonder? What new villain will arise? Will Lemmo ever kiss Aric? So many questions.)

  5. FittyYen

    one of the best parts about coming back from a vacation, finding that i have comic updates to enjoy

  6. Fabrael

    Things would be so much simpler for Aric now if he just stopped thinking. His thoughts are not very friendly to him… or anyone else, really.

  7. ShareTheLove

    Ahahaha, I love it! Aric is so cool, but I do love to see him get embarrassed after the way he’s treated Lemmo (yes, I have a cartoon crush on the hat guy).

  8. ShinRaiten

    Heh, Marina’s death glare is perfect.

  9. PolleN112

    *tear I missed the beam. What are the odds a new civilization has arisen from the excess energy… Again.

  10. phyrephox

    when are the going to meet the cookie king again? Last we saw he was planning something evil.

  11. MarshmallowRadiation

    Robot hand, it’s time to get shovelized.

  12. Ozimul

    The shovel beam is back! Alright Aric, you know what to do. Lemmo, get some standby hand-juice!

  13. ShinRaiten

    Why are all you guys are so quick to burn off the robot hand. Maybe leaving it on could be good for Aric, make him change his way of thinking? Just a thought.

  14. ShinRaiten

    Sorry for double post, but grammar correction “?” for the 1st sentence there. Probably missing something else too… oh well.

  15. SwitchBladeMX

    Can you imagine what it would be like if Lemmo had the robot hand instead? Or Marina? the possibilities… But I have a feeling the cookie king isn’t finished yet. And neither is Pericles Van Mudgett! That name will stick in my mind for a while. And what goodies does the shovel beam have in store?

  16. Arwael

    All praise to the Shovel Beam, for it gave life to the lifeless. :p

    So, back to where it all started… The shovel beam. What mysteries have sprung up in their absence? What has happened to the Misty Villagers? Where are the Socks Foxes? And where is the Cookie King? What is he up to? Why am I only speaking in questions?

  17. Ray

    I’m beginning to dislike the robot for the trouble it brings to poor Aric. But at least it’s trying to be comic relief.

  18. Dasaki


  19. Dave

    What? No post-spam from DagonBoy?

  20. TreeJump

    Shovel beam! We missed you!

  21. MarshmallowRadiation

    Now we find out that Fergus and the soxes have miraculously caught up with them somehow.

  22. noisyparker

    @NoriMori: True… this thought-revealing hand thing could really work out for Aric. Odds are that the comic value of it not doing that will outweigh the unexpectedness value of it endearing him (to more than the readers!), but that is just me not expecting it, I guess. ^_^7

  23. macksting

    From the mouths of borgs…
    I can’t help but notice the robot hand never speaks any pleasant thoughts. Nor does it say what Aric is going to say, voicing instead only thoughts he didn’t feel like saying aloud.
    This implies to me either that Aric, on the whole, has a very dark and unpleasant mind; or that the robot only says the unpleasant things he thinks, and the random ones (such as the portal/tube thing.)

    That said, I imagine at some point the robot hand will say something useful that popped into his mind, but which he wouldn’t have said.

  24. Chaos G'rothnir

    That is awesome. And I noticed that the shovel beam looks more like a fireball now.

  25. Hepizzy

    Isn’t the hand juice machine broken?

  26. them1me1you

    for three years BlankIt has helped me through adolescence to adulthood (yes, 17 is adult) and even though I’m now old and whithered, i still laugh on and on. thank you BlankIt

  27. Dagonboy6666

    sorry I was on a camping trip.

    @Chaos G’rothnir
    I wonder if that’s just a new style of drawing for the shovel beam or if it means something, either way I like it.

    THere could always be more than one hand jucie dispenser, but now that I think about I doubt they’d create two of that.

  28. Glew

    Maybe my memory is errant, but haven’t they taken the shovel from the shovel-beam? and use it to destroy the Mudget guy? If so, how did the beam remain? Well, and while I’m at it: why am I expecting logic from this comic, when it never really was about that… and that’s why we all love it…
    And why am I too talking in only questions?

  29. MarshmallowRadiation

    @Glew The shovel fell through the ground again and created a new shovel beam.

  30. random man

    My memory must be bad as well. Can anyone tell me which comic it was where the shovel beam was recreated, just to refresh my memory? thanks in advance

  31. GUYPERSON!!!

    I wonder if the first universe will collide with this universe with the (same?) or different Lemmo/Aric/Fergus?

  32. GUYPERSON!!!

    @random man, its “everything breaks”. Check the Archives. srry for double post. Peace.

  33. Hepizzy

    Robot hand will melt into a mumbling metal maul weapon!

  34. Tales of Shadow

    I agree with that face. So back to regular crazy?

  35. wer valignatir ir

    hey, MarshmallowRadiation, deos the name Q mean anything to you? Oh, and do you know of any ways to ward off Demonic horses?

  36. Drew Carey

    go shadow! says: Friday, 9 September 2011 at 05:09 Holly dooly wrote:

    @ Grimoire:
    “pointlessly killing one another”
    Pointlessly ? So killing for defence is pointless ? O_o
    “whereas the dolphins just have a good time.”
    Of course. Definitely true. But well … dolphins don’t have all that barf-load of things that we, humans, have to take care of, to supervise, mend, fix, build, etc.

    Never thought I’d end up starting discussions on such a topic …
    Geez, I’m not even sure about how old I really am anymore. :-s
    Anyone knows the phone number of the nearest psychiatric hospital ?

    if humans just played around and had fun then we whold not need a butload of things to do

    and humans whould not need to “defend ” themselfs

  37. David Ahia

    If we focus hard enough on the fabric of the universe, they will be more comics.

  38. Hepizzy

    Universe fabric makes good pajamas.

  39. Dasaki

    lol @ David Ahia and Hepizzy

  40. Chaos G'rothnir

    -stares at the fabric of the universe- Make another one already!

  41. Hepizzy's clone

    @Tales of Shadow

    which face

  42. @Dasaki

    I think I’ll go and kiss her now.

  43. @@Dasaki

  44. Dagonboy6666

    how do know it’s the shovel beam, how do you know it’s not a C4 beam? just kiding. but seriously, what if it’s not a shovel beam.

  45. Zapheres

    After going through this from the beginning again, I double-miss updates. :[

  46. TechUnadept

    dirtiest look ever.

  47. jaz

    loving it. nothing better than dirty looks, robot mind readers, and a reappearance of the shovel beam! well, maybe an actual portal… but that’s beside the point!


  48. AlexThander

    Wait… Wasn’t the hand juice vending machine smashed?

  49. Gordy

    So, just read through it all. Lot less than I’d have thought.


  50. Bluudwurth

    Where’s mah blankit fix, man? Comon, Lemmo, I need my stuff!

  51. ZeroNight

    This site i visit every day to see if you have an update. Its a great comic! But it’s been over a month since you last updated. Are you busy with school? I can relate. And how is he gonna get rid of that hand? I don’t like it.

  52. david ahia

    He will use the shovel beam and the hand juice to rid himself of that vile hand. And yes, I visit this site daily hoping to see the Blank It. This is oh so very sad for me.

  53. Zapheres

    Listen, ye verily worshipped authors of greatness, I’ve been checking Blank It daily since the update freeze. I understand the important familial obligations you must attend to and appreciate them, but is there some date estimate you could give as to when we can expect another update? Not in any way to rush a detailed and beloved comic or a family that needs attention, I’d just like to stop checking daily and instead come back when there might be something new. Just a suggestion. Otherwise I’ll still come by weekly. This is the best story ever. :]

  54. Ryan

    It’s becoming All Too Familiar that It’s Just A Tube…

  55. Nexall

    Heh nice… but yes I also check daily and an estimate or approximate time frame would be nice.

  56. Biligum

    Aw… still no new comic… Ah well, I’ll wait. Take your time, guys.

    *twiddles thumbs*

  57. Dagonboy6666

    don’t worry I’ll wait as lnong as it takes for the next update, even if that means I see the sun die before the next update.

  58. Dagonboy6666

    I know what your thinking. I’ll be dead before that happens. but long before I could have died I will have altered my molucler structre so that I will no longer be human. I will live even longer than the Docter

  59. Dagonboy6666

    I look on the internet and yet I still can’t find any blankit fanfics.

  60. Nexall

    hmm that’s kind of surprising i wish this was more popular

  61. dagonboy6666

    well ‘v treid getting my frenids to look at it but a lot of them seem to think I have bad taste in series.

  62. dagonboy6666

    well my freind who introucded me to my little pony frenidship is magic likes this comic.

  63. Nexall

    All my friends like it but only 1 will check it if i don’t remind them to.

  64. ShinRaiten

    Still here guys, looking forward to when you can update again. Hope whatever’s going on isn’t too serious (or, God forbid, writer’s block). Whenever you’re up to it, seems like almost all of us will still be here.

  65. Jonathon David

    EVEN ME! O.O GASP! I’m (still) alive! Been a year, and im glad i got to see many updates, but i CERTAINLY hope all is well for the author(s) and everything works out for the best!

    JUST REMEMBER!!! Everything happens for a (good) reason, even if we cant see it until it’s behind us… Be well and great blessings! :D

  66. dagonboy6666

    deos that include my freind trying to trade me an xbox for a defective psp he sold me when he has a fully fuctional psp. what did he put secrect goverment documents on it? kidding about the government docs.

    but realy what could be so imporent anout it that he wants it back that much

  67. dagonboy6666

    I can go off topic at double lightspeed mwahahahaha

  68. Nexall

    Ok I’m getting rather concerned… did Lemmo just spontaneously combust or somthing? I mean look up at the tweet blender, all Aric no Lemmo.
    No really though I wish the best to you and hope nothing too serious happened.

  69. SwitchBladeMX

    I’m sure whatever impedes the development of this comic must be important, and I know(there’s those two words again) that our dynamic duo of comedy would never leave us hanging. I’ll pray for you and your families, and hope that whatever disturbance has cuased this, that it gets resolved safely and quickly,and in a way that is amicable for both parties. PLease know that what you do here on this site matters to a sizeable multitude of people, and that most of us care. As for that other small groupof people, well, they are small. A small group, I mean.

  70. Dagonboy6666

    yeah like maybe five people.

  71. david ahia

    No. The Blank It Fold Is Mighty! We Are Many And We Love Lemmo!

  72. altoid55

    almost two months guys seriously

  73. Dagonboy6666

    Here’s a link to an A.I. you can chat with.

  74. Cosmo

    Come back guys, seriously… we miss you.

  75. Nexall

    ya look what the comments have become!!!

  76. Dagonboy6666

    your right. dark times are apon us. but we must not give up hope!! We will fight!!! FOR THE SHOVEL BEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Chat

    User: What video game have you last played?

    Cleverbot: World of Warcraft.

    User: What characters do you have?

    Cleverbot: Gnomes, lots of them.

    User: That’s some great humility right there. Kudos.

    Cleverbot: I think you’re eyes are out of proportion.

    User: You can’t see my eyes.

    Cleverbot: Why not, you don’t have any eyes?

    User: Ah, you’re sure of that? How is it with you? Do you have eyes?

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  78. Dagonboy6666

    I know. one of us should write Blankit fanfic, about a guy named Joe. His girlfreind broke up with him so he went and got so drunk that he blacked out. what did he do in the time while he was blacked out you ask, many things including robing area 51. The item in question that he stole teleported him to blankitverse in the air above the purple sea. The alchol in his system made him faint just before he hit the water. He wakes up on the moutiness shore of where the angry bug whose name I don’t recall lives. All he remebers of the night before was his girlfreind breaking up with him and geting very drunk.

  79. Dagonboy6666

    I know. great idea for how Joe got there.

  80. Dagonboy6666

    Oh and while is unconouis Perclies Van Midget steals the item he stole from Area 51. dun dun duuun.

  81. Dagonboy6666

    Perclies Van midget travels to Area 51 using the device. The guards who were on duty last night try to kill him and take the item back but to no avail. Pericel Van midget dicedes make a deal with the gaurds who were on duty last night. They help him kill Lemmo and Aric and in return he will give them the device back and no one will have to know that they let the place be robed by a drunk guy.

  82. Dagonboy6666

    And Joe is the only one who can stop them. If he ever figures out what the hell is going on.

  83. Dagonboy6666

    But I’m too busy seting up a D&D game so I won’t have anytime for that.

  84. Dagonboy6666

    I don’t mean reading IT I mean writing it.

  85. Dagonboy6666

    So if someone deaos do it good luck. and post a link to it on this site.

  86. JasonSquare15

    I love this series. I found this one day and in the same day went through all of your comics, at the time, because I loved the story so much.

  87. wonderboy

    i can think of a better fan fiction than that. i can think of a better PLOT than that. heck, i may very well write that, but it won’t be like blank it at all.
    that’s not a fanfic, you say? well, you would be right. good day.

  88. Nexall

    and the comments digress further with a cleverbot conversation.

  89. Dragonboy6666

    yeah, maybe I should’nt post plot ideas I get off the top of my head.

  90. Dagonboy6666

    yeah, maybe I should’nt post plot ideas I get off the top of my head.

  91. Dagonboy6666

    Why’d you spell my name with an R? weird. Just because my charreter is part dragon don’st mean his name is spelt D.R.A.G.O.N.B.O.Y.
    P.S. any one locate any Blankit fanfics yet?

  92. MarshmallowRadiation

    I think one of the requirements for a fanfic is a fairly established universe. The main premise of Blank It is the fact that the universe is constantly forming around the characters, so I think fanfics aren’t really a possibility. I’m sure there’s some aspiring literary genius on the interwebz wanting to make a good story, but I doubt they’d choose Blank It as their canon, no matter how good it is.

  93. monkeycock


  94. Astolos

    why aren’t there any new updates guys?! there hasn’t been one in, like, 3 MONTHS!!!

  95. E_is_for_Eric

    More like two months and a couple of days. Just give the guys time. Maybe they will be able to continue their project, and maybe they won’t. Will I be saddened if they need to stop? Most assuredly. – However, there have been delays before, and Lemmo has mentioned several times that his personal life does come first. – Reading this comic has been a privilege and nothing more… Hence why demanding more updates is something that should be stopped.

    I look forward to the return of this comic, but if it doesn’t happen, at least I will always have one of the books the guys released.

  96. Seananners

    δ_δ Lemmo…Is it over? ¥_¥

  97. NoriMori

    “I think one of the requirements for a fanfic is a fairly established universe. The main premise of Blank It is the fact that the universe is constantly forming around the characters, so I think fanfics aren’t really a possibility.”

    Of course it’s a possibility. You just have to either a) stick with parts of the universe that have already been shown, and/or b) make new ones that seem like they would actually show up. Have you seen how long these characters have spent at some of the places they’ve visited? Someone could write a whole fanfic (or at least a chapter or two, or just a short fanfic) that takes place in only one location.

    I mean, yeah, I get that this fictional universe is a lot more dynamic than most, but I honestly don’t see how that could make it “impossible”, or even very difficult, to write a Blank It fanfic.

    @Drew Carey

    I’m…pretty sure you posted on the wrong comic.

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