Always the Skeptic


  1. macksting

    They always get on so well!
    Why are they called laser trails, laser swords, laser this and that?

  2. Davian Wolfe

    so using that saying,
    “I invented… (insert comment here)”

  3. Ray

    Lol, a lazer bouncy ball. Not sure what practicality it would have, but I can’t help but thinking that that’s somehow foreshadowing.

    But yeah, Lemmo, that’s a very interesting idea. I like it, even though it’s just a concept.

  4. me.vicky

    Oh, that was a burn. Aric, you just got burned. Burned, dude. Burned.

  5. Xajek

    well you could just insult a bug bouncy ball or something…

  6. TheBananaFish

    Aric looked so excited at first…

  7. Fedorov92

    I like their expressions in the last panel!

  8. tez711

    ya, but eric’s head looks too small for his body in it fedorov

  9. noisyparker

    Not only did he not “invent” Aric is a jerk, he didn’t even think of it first. It’s like he’s moved from just thinking of things to just noticing things.

  10. JamesLite

    Well, technically, he did invent it, as he has a schematic. He just hasn’t constructed a prototype yet

  11. boring7

    He just needs to get that “90% perspiration” part down…

  12. Jety Lefr

    Ha ha ha ah aha ha ah ha….
    That’s hilarious!

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