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  1. lemmo

    I actually have this comic partly colored, but I wasn’t going to post a partly colored comic, so you get a black and white (and gray) offering for today.

    For anyone who gives a damn, yeah I’m in a slump, but I’ll pull out of it. Aric and I have some 2011 plans for Blank It, and I’ll get my schedule adjusted to I can handle the capacity again. Life happens. This comic went two years without missing a beat, I was bound to slip at some point. I’ll figure out how to make this work again.

  2. Evan

    If there’s a slump I haven’t noticed! I’ve followed your webcomic from the very beginning and I’m excited that Marina is the first human friend they’ve made! I can’t wait to see what happens next, I’ll follow for as long as you keep up the good work!

  3. Renee

    Don’t worry about your slump, Lemmo! I’ve been in such a slump that I haven’t been able to find work in two years. I’ve recently discovered and I’m applying there for childcare jobs, so maybe something will turn up, and I hope things get better for you in the near future. Until then, I shall enjoy the comic whenever it is updated. :)

    Also, Marina. Who knew?

  4. Sir Matt

    Wow, I have wondered what Marina’s real name is for ages. The only guess I ever made was Maria, I nearly died when I saw how close I was. I wish I had posted the guess so I could prove it.

    Don’t worry Lemmo, everyone has hard times; you haven’t given up yet, which already puts you way ahead of the back end of the curve.

  5. PolleN112

    Beautifully suited name I think. Lemmo, some artists post once a month and claim it’s a slump, you’re still giving us two a week. Sure they’re later than usual but that just means your schedule has shifted.

  6. macksting

    A very nice name.
    However, we may never know if he actually did forget the name and just came up with “Marina” on the spot. :)

    Coincidentally, Marina is also the name of the NPC I’ve set up as the business contact for the player characters in my Bubblegum Crisis campaign. What they don’t know is that, physically anyway, she used to be a man; and that the modern miracles of the setting’s cybernetics have resulted in inexpensive and remarkably complete sexual reassignment, but the poor quality of them results in horrible side effects.
    She’s going mad. I’ll be using it to get them in touch with a REALLY ace psychiatrist, though, to set up further plotlines.

  7. heng

    I love how you can still tell who is “real” and who is “somehow-misty” even in the black and white. :-)

    Wonderful name for her.

  8. MultiversalInk

    So it’s Marina. That’s a perfect name for her!

    Also, are they breaking the fourth wall here?

  9. cheetaboy7

    Holly ****. I’m really surprised she isn’t called Misty. Your not much of a conformist are you Lemmo?

  10. Nexall

    Yes yes it is a well suited name and I like it, but I am surprised that cheeta is the only one complaining that her name isn’t Misty. I mean like in the last few comics everyone has been like it has to be Misty and so on.
    Anyways I like the name and I’m just a little surprised is all.

  11. Gabriel

    Haha, love that name, very nice. :D

  12. Jacio

    Marina. I like it. It reminds me of Misty, but not enough for me to miss the name. And well, how can she be Misty if she’s not really all that misty now? Marina suits her very well.

  13. Silarn

    I would perhaps describe it as BENDING the fourth wall.

  14. NoriMori

    Ooooh, Marina! What a pretty name! I was totally hoping it’d be Misty, but that’d be lame since we’ve been calling her that for so long! Seriously, Marina really suits her!!

    Lol, and awesome title, too! Totally accurate!

    I love Aric’s line, “I think we’ve held everyone in suspense long enough.” Breaking the fourth wall, much? XD

  15. MarshmallowRadiation

    Marina, huh? Well, I knew it probably wouldn’t be Misty…

    Btw, we don’t have official names for the soxes yet. Is “Fire” and “Clams” or “Farts amd

  16. MarshmallowRadiation

    *”Farts” and “Farts” all we’rw going to get?

  17. Shaelyn

    ~hugs~ I hope things pick up for you soon, Lemmo!

    Marina is an awesome name for her. and yes, you did hold everyone in suspense long enough. :P

  18. lemmo

    For the record, she’s had the name Marina longer than you guys had named her Misty. And one day, around a campfire, I’ll explain the significance of the name.

    She actually has had the name so long, Aric forgot it. So for the last couple scripts he’s been sending me, he’s called her Marge and Margaret and Mildred and all manner of goofy names. He’s silly. We’re friends.

  19. aric


  20. Jack!

    Hugs for Lemmo!!!!!!! Don’t worry, it’ll get better, whatever it is!

    I’m actually loving the name. It fits her.

  21. Arkatox

    Hey Lemmo, it doesn’t matter if you slump, we’re all still hear cheering you on!

    Also, awesome new comic!

  22. Chaos Theory

    And The Fandom Rejoiced… except cheeta, apparently.


    The name is excellent!

    Despite the cause I rather enjoy seeing the black and white comics before the full versions. It’s like a behind-the-scenes look at Blank It. It’s always fun to find out more little facts about the comic’s planning, so thanks for droppings these little notes into the comments.

    Nice job “bending the Fourth Wall” as Silarn put it, with Aric referring to the townsfolk, and indirectly also referring to the readers.


  24. macksting

    Mr. Pew, I’m perfectly willing to believe you as the writer had this name in mind forEVER. (Remind me to host that campfire.)
    Lemmo, however, does not give me the same confidence. Had he forgotten what he named her, he -could- name her on the spot, and I highly doubt anybody but Aric would know.

  25. wonderboy

    finally i can die knowing her name. Marina…you could do a west side story parody or something

  26. macksting

    Good point, Wonderboy. God forbid they’d named her anything like Johanna.

  27. SomeGuest

    Marina? How very, slavic.

  28. Dana

    Lemmo and Aric: I love the name! And you guys will get your stuff together soon, I know it. Regardless, I have been a huge fan of the comic since the day I stumbled upon it, and intend to remain as such. =)

  29. tacos=happiness

    Hahaha love that guy in the background with the frowny face. Way to underachieve :) <3 u guys keep being awesome!

  30. E_is_for_Eric

    Marina is perfect!!

    No worries on the slump Lemmo. I think you’re doing fabulous. I feel privileged knowing that I can come back to this comic weekly and see updates and can continue reading as the story unfolds.

  31. Default117 aka DF417

    I am marking this day in my calendar :D

  32. Shaelyn

    *builds a camp, lights a fire*

    now all we need is a story…

  33. Flo

    Love the name!

    that’s really all I have to say. :D

  34. ThisIsNotDan

    Hey, you guys are awesome! There are plenty of webcomics out there with update schedules worse than yours, and they don’t even apologize! I second E_is_for_Eric in that I love that I can come back to this comic on a weekly basis and still find something new! That, and this comic is awesome to begin with!

    OK, all that to give a prediction: I think the next comic will feature Fergus making fun of Marina’s name, or of Lemmo for picking that name, or something of the sort. Just because he’s absent from this one.

  35. Jalee1

    Hooray for the collapse of civilization!
    Marina is a beautiful name! And as soon as I saw this strip in the app, I thought, Now wouldn’t that be a twist! Because I thought at first that it was supposed to be in b&w, but then I said, no that can’t be right! So I immediately went to Safari and now I saved the current picture because then I will be all happy inside!

  36. GodOfAwesome

    Dangonnit, Marina is pretty.

  37. Lipkin

    Leaning on the fourth wall.

  38. Lipkin

    Excuse me, I meant Fourth Wall Psych

  39. Nexall

    Oh hey Fergus might be exploring the upside down town sense he can fly so has no worries of falling and all, so that’s my assumption of why he isn’t even in the background of this strip.

  40. Omgwatwasdat


  41. M

    I loved this…my name’s Marie XD btw Lemmo don’t worry, you’re really dedicated to blank it and that’s all that matters :)

  42. Jethro Rayne

    Marina’s a great name :) ‘aka Misty’ will be missed by some, but it’s a good name to continue on as.

    And both of you are doing great Lemmo and Aric, as has been stated, you’re still getting comics up every week, and not 1-2 times a month… Keep up the good work, and we’re all rooting for ya.

  43. Moruderren

    Just found you’re webocomic today, finally caught up with all of. I absolutely love it.

  44. MarshmallowRadiation

    Marina (gotta start calling her that now) doesn’t even notice Lemmo’s wooden stump of an arm. Or if she does, she does a good job of hiding it.

  45. Music-chan

    I knew you guys weren’t going to call her Misty but I had no idea what name she was going to get. Good to have the mystery solved!

  46. joss

    Lovely name.

  47. hi

    Marina………huh never would have guessed it,btu its a great name i guessed it would be “Mary”. I thought they were going to leave us with a cliffhanger just before her name like before.
    “what if…..that guy did?”-lol moment

  48. Shirasong

    ZOMG I love this. Marina. It fits her. :) I like it. And it does make sense that she’s not Misty–Now she’s solid! O.o Yes it’s been said before but I don’t care.
    I’m now going to jump on the bandwagon and repeat what everyone else has been saying. Aric and Lemmo, you guys are amazing and you rock. I love the comic, and everyone is allowed to have a slump. You guys are so awesome that the world would explode with awesomeness if you DIDN’T have a slump once in a while, so, all in all, your slump is for the good of the world. So yay. I guess.


  49. hi

    March 23rd, 2011 at 9:19 pm
    ZOMG I love this. Marina. It fits her. :) I like it. And it does make sense that she’s not Misty–Now she’s solid! O.o Yes it’s been said before but I don’t care.
    I’m now going to jump on the bandwagon and repeat what everyone else has been saying. Aric and Lemmo, you guys are amazing and you rock. I love the comic, and everyone is allowed to have a slump. You guys are so awesome that the world would explode with awesomeness if you DIDN’T have a slump once in a while, so, all in all, your slump is for the good of the world. So yay. I guess.


    Whats ZOMG?

  50. NoriMori

    What an odd experience. On the 19th I had someone post something random under my name, and then someone who was ostensibly the “real” me said “HEY WHOS POSTING COMMENTS UNDER MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    But…that wasn’t me either.

    What the hell…? Not only is someone pretending to be me, they’re also pretending that the real me is coming along to complain about it. -.- So now there are three NoriMoris on this thread: The fake me, the fake “real” me, and the real me. This is the real me. ‘Kay?

    @lemmo: “One of these days you guys will come to terms that I’m just an inconsistent artist. It’s a miracle I remember to give Lemmo a wooden arm (and I’ve even missed on that mark a couple times). Let alone maintain hair length accuracy.

    Last night was an off night. I was literally tempted to do it in chibi stupid face scribbles, but I liked how the last panel came out.”

    Aww, dude, now I feel like an ass for saying anything. :( I didn’t mean to put you on the defensive or anything. I love Blank It!! And I like the last panel, too. :)

  51. starkiller

    hi is hi.

  52. hi


  53. dagonboy6666

    Hey you guys, it’s okay to be in a slump. The latest chapter of my book I worte mounths ago.

  54. dagonboy6666

    why deos everyone think thier breaking the foruth wall. and why is it called the fourth wall anyway. fourth imples that they are breaking a wall of time but that deon’st make any sense.

  55. mattb

    The Maretrix
    └ posted on Tuesday, 1 March 2011, by Novil
    “Why, Ms. Sparkle? Why do you do it? Why get up? Why keep helping your friends? Do you believe you’re getting something in return? More than a thank-you? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it apples? Or good weather? Perhaps dresses? Yes? No? Could it be for love? Illusions, Ms. Sparkle. Vagaries of pony-ception. The temporary constructs of a feeble pony intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without sadness or despair. And all of them as artificial as the Maretrix itself, although only a pony mind could invent something as heartwarming as love. You must be able to see it, Ms. Sparkle. You must know it by now. You can’t win. It’s pointless to keep helping your friends. Why, Ms. Sparkle? Why? Why do you persist?”

    “…Because friendship is magic!”

  56. dagonboy6666

    there is one bad thing about this comic. If you read from beging to end with out taking a break you might die laughing.

  57. Arcasius

    i’d love to enjoy campfire stories told by aric and lemmo

  58. Mr. Awesome


    Long time reader, first time caller. Huge fan of your work, ever since a friend introduced me to Lethal Doses back in high school. These days, I’m still in high school, but on the other side of the classroom.

    After a rough night, I got up this morning intending to send off an email to my school’s secretary saying that I wouldn’t be coming in to work today. But my Thursday morning schedule demands that I first check Blank It, so I did so. Generally, I don’t check the comments, but I’m glad I did today. See, I’ve been in a bit of a slump myself. Part of me was wanting to take the day off because I’m tired and still feeling sick from a lingering cold, but more of me just didn’t want to work today. But after reading your post here, I decided that if you can man up and keep working during a slump, so can I.

    As a teacher in the logical sciences, I often make fun of the arts. So I guess it’s suitably ironic that it’s an artist who says something that gets me off of my rear end and off to work. Maybe there really is something profound and powerful in art that inspires us all, or some such nonsense.

    Anyway, just thought you should know that your freaking awesome comic inspired me to keep on plugging and try to make the world a better place and such. Keep up the good work.

    Mr. Awesome

  59. nicktheslayer


    You obviously don’t understand what the fourth wall is. Time is the fourth DIMENSION. Not the wall. The fourth wall is the fake wall between the audience and the stage, (The stage being made up of three walls, the back and the sides.) You break the fourth wall by making a reference to the audience, when in truth they shouldnt know about us, they’re in their own world.

    Also, you cant expect us to believe you’re writing a book, when you spell so horribly. Please, finish school before writing a book, unless of course English is your second language, in which case i apologize for the misunderstanding.

    I rarely make comments here, but your posts really rustled my jimmies, (Not in the good way, D: ), so i thought id inform you.

    Also, i totally thought she looked like a Maria too! :D

  60. NoriMori

    @ Me

    Im totally not nicktheslayer. >.>

    (Lol. There are four of me now. But this is the only one ill post. Just for teh lulz.)

    (PS. This is nicktheslayer)

  61. maglorius

    He’s not breaking or bending anything. He’s talking to other in story characters! (No problem, move along:)

    MarshmallowRadiation wrote:
    “Btw, we don’t have official names for the soxes yet. Is “Fire” and “Clams” or “Farts amd”

    OH yes, please! :D
    In case anyone forgot; Pale one is Clams, Dark one is Fire.

  62. maglorius

    Well maybe a little leaning.

  63. macksting

    We could just cut right to it and call them Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

  64. mattb

    what am *I* talking about? stop it norimoriiei and me–1.01x.

  65. dagonboy6666

    @nicktheslayer a.k.a. NoriMori

    Hey, as long as the spell checker can tell what I’m trying to spell I’m fine, besides I’v inspired too people to become writers from then looking at my work. And if you are so smart then can you understand any of string throme, beacuse. I. Can. acultey I undersand all of it that i’v read so far.
    P.S. Is there any spell checker program on The internet brower, or do i have to copy and paste it every time I want to check my spelling?

  66. dagonboy6666

    If you look at
    you’ll see thee light being blown away. this effect is caused by a giant fan place somewhere in the blank. the lights all have sensers n them that can decet prussure changes. fan turns on and the higher air preusre acts as on/off switch. If this is in fact not what is going on then I’ll use this concept in one of my stories. the walls most allso have lights. I think the essitley this univeres is a giant lightbulb and fan filled box. so it is not the blankvesre but the boxverse. I alos belive the lights are powered by anitmatter.

  67. dagonboy6666

    bye bye. *dagonboy6666 knocks nicktheslayer into a Malfuntioning T.A.R.D.I.S. and jams the door shut.* That T.A.R.D.I.S. is going to expolde and destory the entire univesre it inhabits. Lucky I’l be in another universe so.

  68. dagonboy6666

    @NoriMori A.K.A. not Nicktheslayer

    *dagonboy6666 waves tail at the T.A.R.D.I.S.*

    Ghost: ya, don’t piss off dagonboy6666 or he kill you and then go emo.
    dagonboy6666: what the hell was that about? and after I was kind enough to let live in my body.
    Ghost: Are you fogeting who killed me, twice?

  69. mattb

    are you hi?

  70. mattb 1.01x.


    mattb 145.01x. to you

  71. ?????

    I shall now reveal the identy of the orgin of all these Mysterious posts. It is I. macksting

  72. macksting

    I’v found a website that is prostesting the star Wars moives.
    so insane it’s halirois.

  73. MarshmallowRadiation

    The real Marshmallow is confused.

  74. Parrot

    Trying to figure out what’s happening in the comments hurts my head. ;-;

  75. switchblademx

    oh my.. holy…(insert expletive).. Wow. that’s a revelation moment for me. Marina. Suits her well, and i will spend the next few days picking the name apart for every possible signifigance. I liked Misty tho.. Oh well. Life isn’t fair. I like Marina, but Misty just clicked. Perhaps one day when you explain what the name really means, a rolling soundwave of head-slaps will reverberate around the campfire, and all say “of course! why didn’t I think of that! it’s a perfect name!” Until then, i’ll be in suspense, but of a much smaller amount then before. Also, i can’t shake the feeling that this is building up to something big.. and violent…involving penguins. can’t think, too tired. Parting words: @Lemmo: Haven’t even detected a metaphorical hiccup in regards to your supposed slump, so no worries there. Enjoy your family!

  76. Lipkin

    For the one who was asking about why it’s called breaking the fourth wall, it has nothing to do with time, aka the 4th dimension.

    The fourth wall is the one that performers pretend is between them and the audience. Think of a sitcom set, where it looks like a house, except that the wall facing the audience is missing. The actors pretend there is a wall there, and do not acknowledge the audience. Breaking the fourth wall is when the “performers,” (or in this case, characters) show they are aware they are being watched.

  77. MultiversalInk

    I think Marina means something to do with the sea. I’m not sure of any other connotations, though. Anyone?

  78. macksting

    There is a purple sea, but maybe that’s only how the name came to mind: spending too much time at sea.
    If it’s any comfort, Lipkin, “Misty” isn’t as appropriate now that she’s no longer made of mist anyway.

  79. Wolfox

    awwwww… :J)

  80. Lipkin

    Why would I need comfort? I’m just explaining what breaking the fourth wall is, and why this isn’t it.

  81. macksting

    Funny, I meant Switchblade and came up with you instead.

  82. Albierio

    Hey dont worry bout this so called “slump”… i didnt even realize that this was a problem comic until i read the comments :D i just thought ” hmmm… now its black and white… maybe the cookies are up to something :P” it really turned out well even though it wasnt what you intended. every good artist has his downtime so dont worry bout it :D We, your loyal fans, are with you guys till the end!

  83. jaz

    I jumped when I saw her name! I have a friend named marina that looks EXACTLY like her!! it’s either a coincidence or the trigger for the zombie apocalypse! xD that aside, it’s a really fitting name for her! nice one guys!


  84. macksting

    Please put this on your status if you know someone (or are related to someone) who has been eaten by a dragon. My wish is that people will understand that being eaten by dragons is not something to be ashamed of. Dragons are nearly unstoppable.

  85. Bremer1281

    Why did everyone start calling Marina “misty” in the first place?

  86. dagonboy6666

    @ bremer

    Because, its a girls name, and she came from people who were misty in appearance.

  87. seananners

    i did not know this is the newest comic O_O

  88. Default 117 aka DF417

    @Dragonboy6666 I agree with nicktheslayer. Please learn to spell. You’re raping my eyes.
    Protip: Spellcheck can’t fix everything.

  89. random man

    To the people posting under other people’s names: please stop.

    You don’t benefit from doing so and it is very disrespctful.

  90. someone

    i just got out of a slump so i’m sure you will. i love you stuff

  91. dagonbo6666

    March 26th, 2011 at 6:53 pm
    @ bremer

    Because, its a girls name, and she came from people who were misty in appearance.

    haha very funny, don’t post under my name agin.

  92. dagonbo6666

    @Default 117 aka DF417

    aduh. And I know what I just said is not techicly a word but don’t comment about it or I confuse you with quatum mechincs.

  93. dagonbo6666

    I keep posting links to blank it on my facebook staus. I know I mispelled Stuas just shut up.

  94. dagonbo6666

    @Default 117 aka DF417

    You think It hurts to look at my spelling, Well Look at this “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””“““““”“”`’`’`’“”`”””””””””””””””””””””””””””

  95. dagonbo6666


  96. dagonbo6666


  97. NoriMori


    That actually doesn’t hurt, it’s just a long line of quotation marks… At first I thought it was tiny letters but it’s not. And really, your spelling IS atrocious.

    And thank you, random man. I, too, think it is disrespectful for others to be posting under other posters’ names. nicktheslayer, if you really are one of the people posting under my name, well, I hope that really was your only time. In that case, it’s funny. If you were actually doing it the other times too, then please stop. And if that wasn’t actually you at all, and just someone pretending to be nicktheslayer-pretending-to-be-norimori, then you’re a jerk. Stop it.

    It seems like dagonboy6666 is now having the same problem, only now he’s “dagonbo6666”. Which one’s real?

    That’s why it’s disrespectful. It reduces the real person’s credibility, because everyone starts to wonder if they’re actually the real one, or just another faker. Just stop.

  98. seananners1

    hey guys,i added a 1 at the end of my name,so its still my gravatar?

  99. seananners1


  100. seananners1


    Dragonbo6666 is the fraud!!! he said the same thing as that means he copied the real person!

  101. Renee

    Is the dictionaric defunct? I kept trying to make time to listen in, but first I had night class, then the time changed, and now I don’t know where to find it. :(

  102. dagonboy6666


    Whoops. I forgot to put the Y on my name, heehe.

  103. dagonboy6666


    um, I was coping and pasting what the fake said so you know who I was talking to, I just forgot the Y at the end of my charter’s name.

  104. dagonboy6666


  105. dagonboy6666


    Nice gravatar, um. I cna’t seem to get mine working. I selceted an image but it’s not coming up when I post, did I skip a step?

  106. dagonboy6666

    never mind got it working.

  107. dagonboy6666


  108. dagonboy6666

    @fake dagonboy6666


  109. seananners1

    hey lemmo,you should totaly make a movie out of this!!! 8○!!!

  110. dyl_do

    As a long term friend of pokemon fans, I’m glad she has a proper name now that won’t get my friends confused when I tell them of this comic. Not that that’s actually happened, mind you, but it might! IT COULD BE HAPPENING IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE RIGHT NOW!
    Also, the Dagon posts are hillariously silly, regardless of which one’s real. It’s given me a new method to take down bad spelling on the internet: clone them and pretend to be them and pester them with emulations of their bad spelling! They’ll get annoyed… or they’ll think they’ve found their soul mate and become your willing slave, which could be annoying although potentially useful for an evil overlo- I mean… Mild mannered citizen… Yes… mild… not spicy at all…
    MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA …*cough* Got a bit of cookie king stuck in my throat. Okay. computer, do it.

  111. Nicktheslayer

    Yep, dyl_do (Pronounced dildo?)

    That totally wasnt me being the fake dagonboy6666. >.> Totally.

  112. altoid55

    still colorless :(

  113. jack!

    Are we leaving these two strips colourless now?

  114. altoid55

    i hope not

  115. ShareTheLove

    Lemmo said he would fill in the color before the book. Can’t remember where I read that. Probably in the comments on something.

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