Another Fart Joke


  1. cheetaboy7

    This comic just gets more and more awesome.

    Am I really the first? Cool.

  2. Lehooo

    This comic has become one of my favorites in a very short time. It’s one of a few webcomics that has a really unique style. I subscribe to so many different webcomics that I often mix some of them up and forget which one’s which, there’s no risk of that with this though!

  3. Sebskrill

    it would have been cool if Aric reformed with no pants.
    and maybe Lemmo a different hat.

    *wow. look at lemmo’s ear.
    that would be uncomfortable

  4. Mirenheart

    Well, I just started reading this comic. It’s pretty cool, even if it is pretty strange.

  5. Timeline

    Last time Lemmo said “Blank is made for blanking,” the shovel beam was created, lets see what happens this time.

  6. macksting

    They may want to make sure their nipples are in order.
    “Blinkin! Fix yer boobs, you look like a bleedin’ Picasso!”

  7. Pseudo

    BlankIt was grossly under-represented at SDCC :(

  8. Pseudo

    also I wonder if a headache came with the newly formed head?

  9. Pseudo

    …..according to prophecy

  10. Lemmo

    @pseudo Maybe next year. I was busy having my second child.

  11. Gabriel

    Oh wow congrats Lemmo! Love this comic! :D

  12. Ray

    Well. That’s a wierd way to resume being human.

  13. Mr.Biggelsworth

    Horray let teh advetures begin! And thanks updating the app Lemmo :D

    Aric will use his amazing tackling skills to get out the box or lemmo and him accident prone self will break the box

  14. Renee

    @Mr.Biggelsworth: Or the parasox will rescue them. ^_^

  15. boring7

    There’s a male pregnancy joke in here somewhere but like Lemmo’s face I’m still having trouble getting it fully-formed.

    Also, I’m confused, are they saying they smell a fart in the box?

  16. cheetaboy7

    I just realized Lemmo PULLED his ear from his face to the side of his head. =0

  17. Tony

    Maybe they’re POWs in the penguin-bug war… That’s just my thought

  18. Daniel


  19. Minando

    Likely they will be saved by a woodchuck who actually can chuck wood.
    His name will be Chuck Norris.

  20. MemeLord

    @Minado: NO. JUST NO.

  21. CasualOtaku

    Congrats on the baby, Lemmo! I’m sure the ensuing sleep deprivation will only help your mind become even weirder.

  22. Riuk88

    omg I just noticed the ear on lemmo’s face and he moves it to the correct place! lol

  23. Evan

    You know how you wish some comics had finished years ago, so you could read them all in one go? I’m sssssssssoooooo impatient!

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