Antagonistic Behavior


  1. macksting

    Nice! I look forward to rereading this one later and, once again, noticing Lemmo’s reflection in Aric’s glasses.
    See? This is why Aric would be better off as king than Lemmo. :)

  2. Jackson

    Y’know, I guess he could get un-named, right? If he were to convince everyone to stop referring to him as Pericles Van Mudgett…

  3. Sugur

    He’ll have to stop thinking of *himself* as Pericles Van Mudgett. Which might be harder.

  4. maglorius

    It’s all Pericles Van Mudgett’s own fault for speaking up and calling attention to himself.

  5. Ray

    So, does this mean we have a”vengeance villain”? It could be bad. And nice work on Aric’s glasses-reflection. Still, it would’ve been interesting to see Lemmo name everyone else… Aww, shucks. Maybe someday in the future.

  6. Renee87

    Does Pericles not like being “white”? ^_^

  7. jill

    I concur with other readers, the Lemmo reflection is artsy with a capital C.

  8. Lemmo

    Renee, you bring up a great point kinda, which is it’s really hard for me to not make this a comic about white men when there’s only three human characters so far, all white men.

  9. them1me1you

    well take into account that the new guy was made visible by Lemmo’s imagination, so Lemmo imagined a white guy, besides periclese is so white anyways. if he named a guy say. . . Emiliano, he could be Latino or something just like Emiliano Zapata!

  10. boring7

    Pleasantville, no colored people allowed.

    Black and white only.

  11. Blunger1

    @ Ray:

    A vengeance villain… Or maybe an ally, when those who dwell in the land of wispy nothings deny Pericles his right to exist with the non-existent.


  12. capnprophetic

    I’d love to make a witty comment about the potential future of the comment right now, but I’m busy enjoying just how much his sideburns contribute to Aric’s overall intimidation abilities. If he’s ever to become king, he should grow them into full-fledged mutton chops!

  13. Sillytwist

    I also like the detail put into the glasses. I also agree with Capn the side burns do add to his intimidating look.

  14. Renee87

    Hey, Lemmo! I just kinda wanted throw that out there before some half-wit, self-righteous flamer came along. Plus, I’m sort of amused by people who are angered by that sort of thing; not “being” who they wish they could “be”, you know?

  15. macksting

    What’s Van Mudgett doing in that last panel? Is he directing, being attacked, or just complaining?

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