February 7|Drawing Attention


November 28|Identity Crisis



December 2|Honest Imitation
November 29|Roleplaying
November 22|Passing Disaster
November 18|L’Engleways
November 15|Where is He Going With This?
November 11|Swapping Paradigms
November 8|Difficult to Grasp
November 4|Lemmocentric
November 1|Weak Parlay
October 28|Hollow Efforts
October 25|Shuto Uke
October 21|Guest Comic by Mollu
October 18|Out On a Limb
October 14|Branching Out
October 11|New Ways to Travel
October 7|Move Meta-North
October 4|Love Bite
September 30|Welcome Back
September 27|Decayed Heredities
September 23|Gone Affray
September 20|Thwartingale
September 16|Perfect Time To Panic
September 13|Inanimagus
September 9|Pet Peeves
September 6|Splinter Cell
September 2|Better Than Those Foxes
August 30|Seasoned Heeler
August 26|Makeshift Makiwara
August 22|Alert: Alliteration Ahead
August 19|Obligatory Five Man Reference
August 16|Heed The Sign Means Heed The Sign
August 12|Potential Hazard
August 9|Beastly Beaut
August 5|Despite All His Rage
August 2|Leave Them Kids Alone
July 29|Wood Putty
July 26|Another Fart Joke
July 22|Speaking in Code
July 19|Oozing Forth
July 15|Escalation
July 12|Brief Orientation
July 8|Möebius Be Damned
July 5|Below the Belt
July 1|Dere He Go
June 28|Semantic Holism
June 24|Marco…
June 21|History Repeats Itself
June 17|INT: Under the Stares
June 14|INT: Others’ Secrets
June 10|INT: Demon in a Bottle
June 7|INT: Under The Press
June 2|INT: More Callers
May 31|INT: Rising Tide
May 27|INT: Crossing Wires
May 24|INT: Phenomenal News
May 20|Dey So Sweepy
May 17|What Goes Around
May 13|Different Umwelten
May 10|At It Again
May 6|Everything Breaks
May 3|Martin Baker Tie Club
April 29|The Big Red Button
April 26|Curtain Falls
April 22|Tale by Tealight
April 19|Prepare for Oration
April 15|Results May Vary
April 12|Nemesis Revealed
April 8|That’s What
April 5|Whence They Came
April 1|Bad Replicants
March 29|Getting My Stuff Back
March 25|Say Aah
March 22|Full On
March 18|Smooooosh
March 15|Back to the Routine
March 11|Meager Influence
March 8|Whop and Flop
March 4|Off the Top Ropes
March 1|One Leg Too Few
February 25|Operation: Blanzer Strike
February 22|Orthodoxy
February 18|Deliberate Handwaving
February 15|In the Palms of Its Hands
February 11|Hajime!
February 8|Battle Cry
February 4|Rising Against
February 1|Outpouring of Assistance
January 28|Finally Some Optimism
January 25|Change in Perspective
January 21|Synergy and Harmony
January 18|We Can Dig It
January 14|That Aha Moment
January 11|Tragedy
January 7|Extreme Ostriching
January 4|Stove Pipe Amateur


December 31|Rapscallions
December 28|Uri Would Be Proud
December 24|Quality of Adoration
December 21|Louder Makes It More True
December 17|Permission Denied
December 14|Hazard Turned Incident
December 10|‘Tis Folly To Be Wise
December 7|Parasox
December 3|The Great Divide
November 30|A Little Pick-Me-Up
November 26|Bump the Cutter
November 23|Theories, Theories
November 19|Incontrovertible
November 16|So Pitted
November 12|Doomed to Repeat
November 8|Cuadrado Uno
November 5|Three Mississippi
November 2|It’s Complicated
October 29|Ego to Superego
October 26|Barely Paranoia
October 22|Always the Skeptic
October 19|The Attitude Not The Flavor
October 15|Or it’s Back to the Cooler
October 12|Left or Right, Either Or
October 8|Riding the Lift
October 5|The Opposition
October 1|Ooh Wuzzat
September 28|You Know The Answer
September 24|Hangdog and Shamefaced
September 21|Refugee
September 17|Crustulum Lex
September 14|Calls ’em Like He Sees ’em
September 10|Warranted Offerings
September 7|Jovial Perhaps
September 3|Canned Response
August 31|Whatever Works
August 27|Bittersweets
August 24|Conching Around
August 20|Take Two
August 17|Easy Come Go Easy
August 13|Circumstances Dictate
August 10|Nomination
August 6|Meekery
August 3|Reconciliations
July 30|May I Present…
July 27|I Think You Cookies Need a New Sheriff
July 23|Sweet Justice
July 20|Bearing Loads
July 16|A Fog So Thick
July 13|Confective In Nature
July 9|Betwixt and Between
July 6|A Morsel of Helpings
July 2|Better Update the Wiki
June 29|Earnest Intentions
June 25|Combustible Claim
June 22|The Begging Question
June 18|Sphengineers
June 15|Easy Deliberation
June 11|Reassurances
June 8|In the Wake
June 4|Aught One Left Active
June 1|Inroad
May 28|Shadow Shadow
May 25|Mister Know-It-All
May 21|Mission Failure
May 18|Departure
May 14|Removing Factors
May 11|Slowing Down
May 7|Antagonistic Behavior
May 4|Introductions
April 30|The One Where Aric Gets Something Right
April 27|Soggy Metaphors
April 23|Outlook Hazy
April 20|Unsettlement
April 16|Fair Competition
April 13|Lagomorphs and Testudines
April 9|Makvs or Mqavs?
April 6|Old Friends
April 2|Pyrheliometric
March 30|Shifty Pompadour
March 26|Gorgonesque
March 23|Unlike Jean Luc
March 19|Dismount
March 16|Huolongjing
March 12|Aggressive Diplomacy
March 9|Lux Operon
March 5|Akin to Preserves
March 2|A Super Collider
February 26|Renewable Energy
February 23|Casting Obscenities
February 19|Illuminating
February 16|Children of Sheth Better Watch Out
February 12|Against the Elements
February 9|Cavalcade of One
February 5|Avoiding the Lies
February 2|In The Drink
January 29|Self-Organized Criticality
January 25|Silent Ovation
January 22|A Clever Withdrawal
January 19|Xenophobia For Beginners
January 15|Red Eyes, Bad Lies
January 11|Selective Memory
January 8|Automatic
January 5|Cassie’s Law
January 1|Crusonian Nautilus


December 29|The Corduroys Are Helping
December 25|Adventurous Company
December 22|While He’s Down
December 18|A Daisy Indeed
December 15|Change of Scenery
December 11|Slipped the Surly Bonds
December 8|Apathy Also Counts
December 4|Beetles All The Way Down
December 1|Matryoshka
November 27|Double Entendre
November 24|Well That’s Nice
November 20|Such Sweet Sorrow
November 17|Via Observation
November 13|Contrast in Context
November 10|Asgards Reien
November 6|Degrees of Exuberance
November 3|Airborne Pests
October 30|Handling Crises
October 27|One Word Says It All
October 23|Obstacle To Attention
October 20|We Were All Thinking It
October 16|Farewell Kiosk
October 13|They Sound Like Good Ideas
October 9|The Choices We Make
October 6|As Suggested By Our Doctors
October 2|Molte Mani
September 29|Side Effects May Include
September 25|Two Thousand Whatever
September 22|There Are No Gift Receipts For Given Names
September 18|Namkaran
September 15|Defining Uninominals
September 11|Details, Details
September 8|Pay No Heed
September 4|Temptation
September 1|For the President
August 28|Breaking the Law
August 25|Juvenile Entendre
August 21|Applied Physics
August 18|WHAT.
August 14|Faulty Hippocampus
August 11|On To Important Topics
August 7|Entrenching Tool
August 4|Of Snakes and Apples
July 31|Ethereal Tethers
July 28|New York Style
July 24|Kinetic Persuasion
July 21|Actually it’s Envy
July 17|The Essence of Rigor
July 14|King Without a Crown
July 10|Cap au Abandonment
July 7|We have to burn it
July 3|Donut Eat Universe
June 30|It’s Still Exercise
June 26|Marat’s bathing
June 23|Shirt…goes…down
June 19|You can’t hug a child with nuclear pants
June 16|How to ruin the moment
June 12|Easing the Tension
June 8|Well, what would YOU do?