Asgards Reien


  1. Jloopy

    Lost his hat. He better fine a quick way to grow hair soon. Bald Aric just isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

  2. Miesa

    bald is beautiful, baby! lolol. maybe i new hat? a hair soda? or the talking animal perchance? im waiting!

  3. Zaphy

    So. “Bad boys” refer to giant chopped-in-half fly pinatas. I always wondered.

  4. Orion

    I’m betting he makes a wig out of giant-pinata-fly leg hair.

  5. them1me1you

    poor fox-sox, hes alone in the universe as I said before, just like JoJo!

  6. Renee

    They definitely need to find a hair soda machine now. And they DEFINITELY need to go back fro Socks!

  7. Renee


    *for Socks*

    Honestly, he’s much to cute to abandon. :(

  8. MBizzle

    Repetition of “bad boy” = lolz.

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