At It Again


  1. macksting

    Because it’s coool.

  2. E_is_for_Eric

    I hope they are flying towards Misty!

  3. Jethro Rayne

    Called the freefalling scene :) But they’re not split, so my other theory just got shot out the window. :D Oh well, onwards!

  4. Lipkin

    I hope it is Terry, and I hope he is polite. Because that would be funny.

  5. Ray

    Hooray for confetti! Again!

  6. BigBadRichard

    Dont explain it Aric we all know how well thats worked in the past. In fact it seems like the universe does the opposite Aric says it can do. OH GOD IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW. The universe is the mind of(pause and a drumroll) IRRITATING ,RELIGIOUS TEENAGER.

  7. BigBadRichard


  8. me.vicky

    Who cares, indeed. You’re ALIVE thanks to quick thinking and CONFETTI.

    Have I mentioned lately how AWESOME this comic is?

  9. Ninja

    Aric, don’t question it. Just enjoy it.

  10. Da Mighty Camel

    Rule of cool – the laws of physics can kindly go fuck themselves.


    Take THAT physics!


  12. Defier of Physics

    “You do realize that, given the horrible aerodynamics of downward-facing concave hemispheres, the size of the bug, and the mass it must contain, the speed of the wings would need to be huge in order to create enough force to overcome gravity. In order for us to grab that ribbon, our proximity to the wings should have…”
    “Look, we’re alive. Be thankful.”

  13. Music-chan


    And yet, it all feels so familiar.

    I just realized that whatshisface made the cookies leave their kingdom. So they’re out there, somewhere.

  14. Renee

    Physics is totally overrated.

  15. E_is_for_Eric

    I wonder if some of these posters have a built in self-destruct button that Lemmo is going to come along and smash.

    I also wonder if this time the bug drops a pair of pants that Aric is going to go after.

  16. Thanatos

    no, Aric and Lemmo are going to end up in a society that forces Aric to put pants on, which prompts much more grumbling as he realizes that his dream of a pantsless society will be squished by backward-thinking conservatives!

  17. camerbob

    Hubert! I mean Reginald! I mean…uh, what was the bug’s name again?

  18. Crivsky

    (urinates in bigbadrichard’s ear) CRAM IT YAH SECULAR HUMANIST

  19. Dave

    In the Canvasverse, there are no physics as we understand them. It’s like trying to add depth to a 2D being – impossible.

    Instead, the fundamental system of the Canvasverse is something I shall call the ‘Fan Fluctuation’. In every possible moment, a parallel Canvasverse is made where every decision is acted upon.

    Naturally, it would be impossible for Lemmo and Aric to draw the results of every parallel decision, so instead, they simply choose the universe in which the outcome is likely to cause an upward fluctuation in fans – by introducing a fun story arc.


  20. MarshmallowRadiation

    That would really be a twist if this bug is all polite.

    I wonder if we get to see a penguin-on-bug dogfight…

  21. TheBananaFish

    Didn’t they say they don’t remember anything from before the first strip where they appear in this strange white world? How is it Aric knows how physics should work in the “real world?” What is he comparing these experiences to if he has no other experiences? Or did I just punch a hole through your plot? Oh well; we’ll rationalize it somehow…

  22. Jeremy

    clearly the cookies have been exiled by Pericles and have been forced to live out the rest of their days on the island of the purple ocean, where ever it is at the moment

  23. Sebskrill

    Wonder where Parasox went.

  24. tictactictac

    i know the next comic:
    and then all over again, and again, and again, in a loooooop

  25. Defier of Physics

    @tictactictac: But Aric doesn’t have a hat now! Besides, I doubt the story is going to be a loop like that. Some new and interesting thing may pop up soon, or some past problems are developed in more depth.

    @TheBananaFish: I think it’s a selective amnesia sort of thing. They can’t remember their names or their previous lives, but they know some second-nature things like how to talk, basic Physics, previous social norms, and the idea of death.

  26. ThisIsNotDan

    Not to mention fear (or any prior familiarity, really) of darkness:

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