Aught One Left Active


  1. tuff ghost

    And now: hell of people looking way too deeply into the meaning of this comic.

  2. macksting

    It’s an alternate timeline/prequel for his old comic Winter. Hence the jet.

  3. Vlynndar

    Man. I want a plane with his own personal landing strip.

  4. TheBananaFish

    Looking way too deeply into the meaning of this comic is what makes it great. People guessing what will happen next, and occasianally being right, is half the fun of reading. There is no “too far” I say! Is not a cult following what every cartoonist dreams for? I woulnd’t be surprised if a wikipedia entry popped up, explaing and detailing all the strange physical properties and the odd cultures.

    Come on people. Don’t leave me hanging. It’s been said, now someone needs to make it happen.

    And on another note, we’ve had our question of how the road (runway) would effect the unsettler woman; it appears to have very small physical interaction, which would suggest that the amount of “focus” an unsettler has proportionally changes how physical objects interact with them. So an unsettler about to get hit by a bus need only become anonymous to escape danger.

    And I’m no aeronautical engineer, but that runway seems like a very bad place to launch a plane.

  5. Foxmouse

    I have that same problem. I’m usually driving, minding my own business, when suddenly a landing strip and a jet just seem to come out of no where.

    Really, I’m starting to think they don’t want us to drive with our eye closed.

  6. Megan

    this reminds me of the old cartoons where the girl gets tied to the railroad tracks and the hero must save her before the train comes. This time I think that Lem is going to have to save the damsel because he will focus on her, thereby making her solid, thereby (again) PUTTING her in the danger he has to rescue her from.

    Or he’ll realize that as long as she’s insubstantial she’ll be fine.

  7. Wolfox

    so… either a new arrival or someone is intended to leave?
    she seems to be a little sweet on Lemmo, or is that wishful thinking?
    and the jet/plane looks kind of like a toy from the perspective!

  8. maglorius

    it looks more like a stingray than an airplane to me

  9. Jackson

    Well, guess I spoke too soon about neither one getting hit by the road.

    …Good thing Lemmo didn’t name her!

  10. Lifon

    @Jackson: Yet, that is. I have a bit o’ a bad feelin’.

  11. Lipkin

    “Viginia! Look out!”


  12. boring7

    The bubble-pods make me think of an old-school batmobile.

  13. Ziggy Stardust

    That is just some weird shit. Was not expecting that.
    Also, the title of the last comic is inaccurate! It does not appear to be a road, it’s a runway! Ahhhhhhhhh!

  14. Thanatos

    Ziggy Stardust, if they had called it a runway it would have ruined this comic. The writers OBVIOUSLY know what they are doing. They don’t want to give away the story’s unexpected turns too soon

  15. macksting

    Not an elegant solution. No, in truth it is a road and that plane should not be landing on or taking off from it. As a result, there will be a crash, and the individual pieces of the aircraft will scatter, open their eyes, and realize they landed all wrong, then reassemble and taxi until they find a proper runway. This will provide Lemmo with a new vehicle for a while, as he befriends and assists the disassembled talking parts of the collective airplane organism (or cao for short.)
    However, Aric will in the meantime have stuck with the familiar. Unable to live in the static alone, and unable to stand Lemmo as a catalyst for change, he will return to the certainty of the bugs. The bugs have a distinct dislike for the occasionally sleepy caos, and Lemmo and Aric will find themselves on opposite sides of what amounts to an all-out war between the flying factions of the setting.

  16. lemmo

    @Ziggy Actually, the last comic’s title was ‘inroad’, which really just means ‘interruption’. It was pretty fitting for the strip.

  17. Ray

    And so, yet another dialogueless comic in this GREAT series. I had a feeling the road would just pass through her, though. Where’d the evening “nothingset” come from though? The dramatic effect? Oh well, I just want to know what’s going on between Aric & Chip, or better yet this lady (“Misty”?) & Lemmo.

  18. macksting

    I can get behind using the name “Misty” for her until and unless a canon name becomes available/relevant.
    As to the Nothingset, I think that’s actually the jet’s loud thrusters. Two engines, two lobed nothingset.

  19. Zapheres

    I’ma bet Aric is somewhere near or trailing the stingray-jet. And something awful will happen to Misty no doubt, before she can say anything else to Lemmo.

    But I’m just sayin’.

  20. CyberSkull

    Her expression is just soo cute!

  21. switch

    She looks like she just ripped one at a funeral and it was loud and horrible. Too bad we can’t see Lemmo’s face.

  22. Blankitharter

    where did the sun come from

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