Avoiding the Lies


  1. Goriath

    I wonder how thick the liquid making up the purple sea is?

  2. macksting

    May depend on who’s doing the walking/swimming.

  3. Telinicus

    It looks like he drank some of it by accident… hopefully its hair juice


    I wonder what the grey thing sticking out on the right side of the island on the last panel is…

  5. Kris-face

    It’s bloody custard, like I said before. Consistent enough to walk on AND liquid enough to drown in.

  6. Somebody

    X-Soldier, thats whats left of the bug boat that Aric sailed across the purple seas in.

  7. macksting

    Right, otherwise dismantled for a palm tree.
    By the way, we can now guess it isn’t hair juice, I suppose.

  8. Jloopy

    You can see the little ripples going from around Aric. Whatever it is, it isn’t too thick. It can’t really be gel of any kind.

  9. Caspy

    Notice that Aric isn’t wearing shoes but Lemmo is

  10. Shardwing

    Maybe he got hungry?

  11. Goriath

    @ Caspy
    Of course not, remember the incident near the beginning of the series when Lemmo knocked Aric out of his shoes?

  12. macksting

    Ah, right! That’s where they went.
    A perfect pantsless society needs no shoes anyway.

  13. Parrot

    I love watching him walk on water with that calm look, while Aric is like… drowning.

  14. Trillonario

    make your bets! let’s gamble what thing is on the sea! :)

  15. macksting

    Whazzis, Trillonario?

  16. socksbot

    @caspy how do you notice that in this strip

  17. soup's up

    @goriath I think he means that might have something to do with the walking on water thing

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