Back Around


  1. jillybee72

    It’s a loop!!

  2. MarshmallowRadiation

    Apparently the “go-anywhere tube” was also a “go-anywhen tube.”

    Was Marina’s “what is time” comment foreshadowing? Who knows!

  3. Jaybee

    Mirror universe!

    Why doesn’t everyone have goatees?

  4. Fabrael

    I demand equal rights for balloons! Balloons deserve to be able to vote!

  5. Ryan

    Wait, what?

    What in the where what now?

  6. Ryan

    … what?

  7. Chrono

    there is so much that is different from the commic before where Aric got his head hand burned off. like how socks is now a turtle? and their shirts.

  8. Nexall

    Yay alternate Aric and Lemmo get a tortoise friend, awesome :).

  9. NoriMori

    Omgomgomg whaaaaat the f***????

    I was so confused until the last two panels. Now I get it and I’m just like “HOLY CRAP.”

  10. Dendrago

    …What is this I don’t even.

  11. Ryan

    Holy crap indeed.

  12. s4ndm4n

    That is so awesome! So is that an actual event that happened earlier in the story? The one with the hand on his head and Lemmo yelling “Holy Crap!” and all? Love how that’s all been tied together!

  13. Music-chan

    haha! I missed the really surreal aspect to this comic. It’s back!

  14. Clint

    Now THAT is comedy gold.

  15. Senor_Llama

    I had to go back and read the comic all the way through again to remember all the different parts of today’s comic.

  16. PolleN112

    Mind blown…. Brains, everywhere.
    Also, I’m pretty sure robo-puppet took control of Aric.

  17. Renee

    Now the parasox and the turtle shall join forces and take over the comic with their adorable awesomeness!!!

  18. cheetaboy7

    Turtle! Yay!

  19. icanhasmath

    I am loving how the turtle is jumping just like the parasox in the last frame.

  20. Canada

    Uhhhhhh, how do they know it’s a shovel?

  21. macksting

    The world is spawning more Lemmos and Arics. This is delightfully odd.
    I wonder if everything happens twice.

  22. Ozimul

    ….Turtle…. Lemmovest…?

  23. UnDeadManiac

    It’s the same, but different…

  24. Sir Matt

    Oh yeah! There was a flying object the last time this happened, to. It was a bug both times (metaphorically speaking) :)

    Instead of assuming this is some kind of a time loop, maybe this is somehow a new Lemmo and Aric. After all, Socks is now a turtle. Maybe the two new characters picked different names?

    Stream of conscience: maybe there is also a bug flying over that will somehow stop Aric’s fall (rise?).

    I love the parallelism. Almost the same, but not quite. I seem to remember Aric got most of his clothes off shortly after this point the first time through. I wonder what Marina thinks of apparel theater.

  25. MarshmallowRadiation

    @Canada maybe it’s a new shovel beam that the new Aric and Lemmo created, not the old one.

  26. ShinRaiten

    Regardless, THIS should be interesting.

  27. Canada

    @MarshmallowRadiation If that’s the case, then are there a bunch of shovel beams? We’ve always considered it to be just one, and it was the only real landmark. The idea that it might not have been the first one is almost scary, though it does explain how a civilisation was created in a few minutes around the beam (they had been there for much longer), and why the shovel was a different colour when Van Mudgett had it.

  28. Sneakyfoxx

    Mind blown o.O also lol at the turtle version of sox

  29. MultiversalInk

    Maybe they ARE in a sort-of-repeating universe after all?

  30. Chaos G'rothnir

    It’s an alternate dimension! There isn’t a bug, they’re wearing different shirts, and the fox is a turtle! And I think the alternate Lemmo has his old hat.

  31. Darklars

    Hey, “Aric”‘s shoes are missing, the turtle is probably shoes in this dimension.

  32. Chaos G'rothnir

    Maybe they’re twins with very similar predicaments. But how did alternate Aric get the hand on his head? The hand juice machine broke.

  33. ninjakitties

    This comic is the best :D

  34. Habenzy


  35. Freezie43110

    We have come full circle. Will we be revisiting hand-juice soon?

  36. Kat

    So…? It loops alternate realities or something? Because it’s the same but different…? *confused*

  37. random man

    apparrently confusion in this comic is good. it keeps your brain active enough to kinda sorta know what the heck is going on.

  38. TreeJump

    Hmm. Different shirts and a turtle instead of a fox.

    Omg. Paraturtles later!

  39. Brady Kj

    Most likely, nearly every event is repeated an infinite number of times with slight differences. It’s quite likely if every Aric and Lemmo is exactly the same, and only their clothes are different.

    This leads me to wonder whether the Aric and Lemmo we know are both the same ones we met in the beginning, or if one of them is a completely different Aric or Lemmo

  40. Chaudblaze5

    I think the double aric and lemmo are the dopplegangers from earlier

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