Back in Agreement


  1. MarshmallowRadiation

    For some reason I find this scene rather touching. Poor Aric.

  2. Ozimul

    Please don’t punch him, Marina! Enough crap happens to Aric as it is!

  3. James

    I hope they burn him off and get more hand juice…

  4. macksting

    Can anyone think of an occasion on which he’s been more eloquent? He’s always had the mind for it, but this might be the most helpful and intelligent argument I’ve heard Aric make.
    Though I suppose we can infer some eloquence and brilliance in his swearing when he lifted the island off the purple sea with his angry insults. Sadly, it was blinding and ear-shattering, so we can only guess at what he said.

  5. NoriMori

    Hahaha, oh Aric… Wait, damn, he’s still floating! Would he stop if the robot hand were removed? That’s gonna get really aggravating after a while…

  6. PolleN112


  7. ZeroNight

    …And Lemmo’s just been left hanging…but seriously, why is Aric still floating?

  8. Cat

    Well it seems that the robot was being pulled up, and Aric was being pulled down when they fuzes and he started floating.
    Now it was switched, and then switched back when the switch was hit and they went through the tube.
    Each time it was switched however he was still being pulled in two separate directions.

    At the moment it looks like the best way to fix at is with the shovel beam…

  9. dagonboy6666

    Blankit. allow to bask in your heavenly humor.

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