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  1. Lipkin

    That kingdom just got owned. The king will hear of this!

    I wonder if there is a giant fortune inside?

  2. Jethro Rayne

    I think the robots got a little tired of being told what to do. :D Robownage.

  3. socksbot

    Hmm I must think
    of a new theory for this one they aparently divided and became stronger

  4. Project 1331

    Bringing a whole new meaning to “Divide and conquer”

  5. noisyparker

    With the dialog becoming disassociated with the visible action in the panels, they have an opportunity to change the direction of the comic right here. This could become one of those comics where they just repeat the same panels every time, but just change the text in the word balloons. :3

  6. King ginger rules

    Looks like the king will have a head ache after that

  7. Physicsmaster

    @socksbot: I don’t think they got stronger. They could each be 1/2 as strong but since there’s 2 of them they have an advantage.

    There’s power in numbers.

  8. me.vicky

    Also, clothes not liking Aric pretty much explains everything, in my book.

  9. Midoriko

    I love this comic I love this comic I love this comic

    Somewhere in one of the robots there is a single robot wearing Aric’s pants

  10. Lilsteveybuns

    They just talkin while the robots beat the crud out of the cookie palace

  11. Steely

    “That wasn’t chicken”

  12. DefierOfPhysics

    (laughs out loud) The robots are giving the cookie kingdom castle quite a beating, and Lemmo and Aric are making smalltalk about making smalltalk and losing pants. It is rather impressive that they can make smalltalk without a split-screen, though. Those robots are HUGE!

  13. Ray

    I like the right robots face in the second panel. Still, I doubt the cookie kingdom is ready to accept defeat yet.

  14. Daniel

    @ Midoriko, who said “Somewhere in one of the robots there is a single robot wearing Aric’s pants”

    Oh my god, if that was true, and we got to see that, I would die.
    Seriously, that would be amazingly great.

  15. BlueSox

    Hahaha! I wonder what shall happen next… *pSST!* Hey socksbot! WE RULE!

  16. runedeadthA

    Pants: Defiantly Optional.

  17. socksbot

    @physicsman wel I mean I’d they didn’t get stronger then why couldn’t they throw the kingdom as the E.F.R.A.L

  18. socksbot

    Lol Ty blue ilike your avatar by the way

  19. Physicsmaster

    @socksbot: they could have already had the srength to toss it but couldn’t because C.C is to large. But with 2 picking it up from both sides can give them the “srength” to toss it. For example: I have a dog who ihave the physical strengh needed to pick up, however this dog is to large for me to pick her up because I can’t get I arms around her. But my other dog of equal weight that’s smaller I can pick up with ease.

    The point I’m trying to make is that even with the power to lift something it’s size can make it to “heavy” to lift properly.

  20. DefierOfPhysics

    Yay Physics! And Doggies! =D

    Seriously, though, giant castle robots are cumbersome. Have you ever tried picking one up? It’s really hard!

  21. Handgunman

    i like how, when there is an epic giant robot fight going on, the comic just scales so that everything is the same size anyway

  22. NoriMori


    Oh well… Guess I’ll wait ’til tomorrow – *sniff!* – for the next one!!

    At least now I’m caught up. And it only took me two days from start to finish! :D

  23. Handgunman

    I like how it looks like it is the two robots talking, instead of aric and lemmo

  24. NoriMori


    “That kingdom just got owned. The king will hear of this!

    I wonder if there is a giant fortune inside?”

    Rofl! Now I want to make an enormous fortune cookie, just for the pleasure of putting an enormous fortune inside!!! XD!! I’ll set a world record! :P

  25. NoriMori

    Also, also… This feels weird! When I first found this comic, this was the most recent strip that had been posted. And now, 8 months later, there are SIXTY-SEVEN more comics!!! Holy crap!! I feel like a veteran.

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