Bad Replicants


  1. djeims

    Without proper clothing, one can hardly be considered properly human. Also, whoah, the old hat!

  2. penguinbassist

    When do we see Misty again? And what about his pants?

  3. Renee

    Ouch. That would be a bad April Fools joke.

  4. Lipkin

    I wonder if the robot will want his hair back.

  5. E_is_for_Eric

    Aric definitely has his priorities straight. Besides, it was apparent very early on that his pants were menacing. Lemmo just didn’t understand how menacing they were.

  6. Ninja

    *looks confused* Which is which? I can’t tell.

  7. noisyparker

    Whaaa… so there are two Aric’s and Lemmo’s?I didn’t see that coming…

    I bet one pair is fake, but which? You’d think it would have to be the ones that were already standing on the kingdomatron (since last we saw A&L, they were not there) but maybe some time has passed between the last strip and this…

  8. CyberSkull


  9. noisyparker

    Oh wait… I just noticed that one Lemmo is wearing the old version of his hat, so maybe one pair is from a different time. But the Aric in the other pair does not have his hat yet, sooo… I’m confused. ;_;

  10. Jonathon David

    What about them, indeed?? and the thot plickens! i see the lemmo and aric bots have slightly but significantly different bodies. and clothes stolen from aric and lemmo… apparently.

  11. Midoriko

    Yeah, what about them? We’re discussing IMPORTANT things right now.

    Where are the foxies?

  12. Colonel Luxray

    Ooh! Ooh! I bet that the Aric robot has Aric’s socks on!

    I don’t mean socks the fox I mean the articles of clothing.

    Speaking of which where are those two adorable foxes?

  13. Ray

    Lol, Aric & Lemmo bots. Shame about the apparent lack of an April Fool’s joke today, though…. :(

  14. Flo

    it looks like the robots came from the cookie robot. did the cookies send the robots to replace Lemmo and Aric?!? who knows what they would do if they succeeded!

  15. Clockwork

    Lucky you (Person who said robot wearing pants) XD

  16. Clockwork

    I remember when Lemmo saw his old hat and in the last box it showed that robot in the trapdoor going to get it.

  17. Tomixcomics

    LOL! Very nice.

    Aric being so Blahse’ about losing his pants makes it a little less funny though. A guy in his underwear is 3 times funnier if he’s embarassed about it. It’s scientifically proven.

    And while we’re on the subjec,t how come it’s always Aric that loses his pants?

  18. E_is_for_Eric


    Aric is always losing his pants due to the blankit law that was established in the very beginning.

    This is also while it’s inherently more funny that his not embarassed about the lack of pants.

  19. Imemyne

    So it WAS different hat. Now he can compliment on Lemmo on his new hat.

  20. BlueSox

    Um… What about his shoes?

  21. socksbot

    Noooooooo don’t forsake the dungarees nooooooooooooooo

  22. NoriMori

    LOL. Yes, who needs pants on your bare legs when you can have a hat to cover your already-covered head?!

    LOL, but yeah, definitely HAT > PANTS

  23. Jonathon David

    he has shorts on, i see no problem.

    While i may be a nudist, i certainly am not an exhibitionist. i certainly hope neither is Aric.

  24. Clockwork

    @John David
    Those are boxers.

  25. Andi

    Gasp! Oh no! impostor robots!

  26. Aelfay

    Can they be friends? The robot impostors and the humans? Because I like them. ^.^

  27. Jonathon David

    @clockwork: RAGE!!! It’s MOST CERTAINLY NOT “John”!!! Oh the shame… no… it’s one thing to shorten my name to “jon” (even dont like that) but to misspell it too… no… it’s the full first name or the middle name, dont go shortening the awesomeness that is “Jonathon”.

    And make note! It’s not spelled “than”, it’s spelled “thon”!!!

    And yes. They are boxers. Boxer Shorts.

  28. Physicsmaster

    @Jonathon David: whoa man just calm down. Take deeeeeep breaths.

    Aaaaaaannnd breathe.

  29. Clockwork

    @Jonathon David
    It’s a common mistake and I was about to leave and I had to hurry..
    So get your “Boxxer Shorts” out of a wad.

  30. E_is_for_Eric

    *Grabs Popcorn*

    If these comments keep going at this rate – I won’t be nearly as anxious about getting the update on Monday because I can keep watching this progress.

    *pours butter flavoring on top*

  31. Clockwork

    It would be funny if it was silent then one of them said “Take me to your leader?”

  32. Defier of Physics

    * starts sprinkling copious amounts of butter-salt on freshly-popped popping corn *

    The robots’ eyes are back to their usual non-red colors, so they are probably back in independent-thought-mode. I’m a bit surprised UCFRAL can lower them so easily. The robots wearing clothes probably wont become enemies of Lemmo and Aric simply because they were probably part of UCFRAL at some point. I don’t think the robots would try to replace Aric and Lemmo after they just fought so selflessly to save them.

  33. Jonathon David

    @psychicwork and clockmaster: that was an intentional mix up of your names so dont worry :D

    im cool, im cool, my boxer shorts have sufficiently been un-wadded….

    But i want some of that popcorn!

  34. Lipkin

    I wonder if there is yet a third robot wearing a sombrero?

  35. Physicsmaster

    @Lipkin: that would b awesome!!!

  36. Sampson

    i want popcorn

  37. Clockwork

    @Lipkin I agree.

  38. Defier of Physics

    * sprinkles some bacon-salt on his popcorn as he munches away *

    I sombrero-wearing robot would be awesome! There was a sombrero, too.

  39. Jonathon David

    With all the articles of clothing Aric has been ditching, it wont be long before the robots are all fully clothed!

    Oh, or that is, well… at least 4 of them could have some clothes on…

    I wonder if there’re any tailors around?

  40. macksting

    If the socks turned into a fox, perhaps the pants will turn into…
    France. Yeah. All of France.

  41. Ninja

    I just noticed, Lemmo’s hair spikes have gotten like, ten times larger since the second comic. Seriously, he could probably kill someone with those.

    Also, I’m not a crazy person.

  42. BigBadRichard

    Oh no its like that old 80s movie. INVASION OF THE INPOSTERBOTS.

  43. albi

    this particular comic and the next one have got me sincerely confused
    were those two robot’s controlling the cookie palace? it certainly appears that way
    but i could be wrong
    i really doubt it was them controlling the cookie palace, since Aric had his pants and hat when this robot duel started. he lost his hat when the little robots formed the giant one, and he lost his pants when the giant robot split into two, that would mean one of the robots from at least Aric’s side of the giant had to have gotten them during the fight, so i couldn’t possibly have been controlling the cookie palace

    someone, please, for the love of god, explain to me! wtf are the two robots doing on the cookie palace!?!?

  44. albi

    oh, i see it now!!
    E_is_for_Eric cleared things up for me in the next comic, but i can see what’s happening in this comic
    there are two skinny tentacle like protrusions coming out of the conjoined robot’s
    initial, i assumed one tentacle held Lemmo, and the other held Aric, and they laned on the cookie palace, only to find Klik and Klak there, inexplicably appearing to have been there the whole time
    but then i noticed it looked like only one tentacle of robots is holding both Lemmo and Aric, so then it occured to me, one tentacle held Klik and Klak, and the other held Lemmo and Aric
    despite this revelation, just the way its draw out, this is probably one of the most confusing comics in the series for me, action-wise lol

  45. albi

    god my grammer is absolutely atrocious xD
    apologies for that, as i was pretty excited upon figuring out this conundrum :3

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