Barely Paranoia


  1. macksting

    Is that… scads of Tiny Robot Friends?

  2. Al Capone

    Yes! Im pretty sure that was the one who danced as a distraction when they were on the island. Rofl

  3. me.vicky

    @macksting: Thank you for using the word “scads”, because my high school English teacher didn’t think it was a word when I used it in class, and now it’s my favorite word :)

    I am now looking forward to seeing an epic tiny robot dance party

  4. g_rock


    *GASP* “epic tiny robot dance party”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hyperventilate* Lifelong…dream…*gasp*…coming…TRUE!!!!

  5. vengerofthelight

    Is it just me, or does there only seem to be 2 kinds of robot (one steel-colored, one brown)?

  6. Midoriko

    Tiny robot friends for everyone! *dances with tiny robot friends*

    They must have pretty good grips on those trapdoors though, since they don’t seem to be falling from the sky.

  7. HappyHead

    @vengerofthelight :
    I see three types – the brown boxy head with two eyes (first panel, plus bot. left), a round grey single-eye looking one (bot. right), and a rounded grey two-eye one (between those two, and above) – the rest seem (as far as details show) to be the brown boxy heads, but it’s hard to tell without a better view of them.

    Perhaps they’ve got some kind of structure under the trap doors – nobody’s really seen how thick the “ground/ceiling” is, and when holes get poked in it, they’re always dark inside, indicating that it’s not just a few inches thick.

  8. Fedorov92

    YES!!! I was wondering when the robot(s) would make a reappearance!! Maybe Eric’s new robot hair will react?

  9. Ray

    I count about 30 of them. Also, why did Aric look backwards after Lemmo said it if he knew it was a bad idea to look back after it had been said? I mean, it would be kinda obvious to anyone why he’s looking backwards NOW, but had he done it later or such, he probably would’ve seemed more conspicuous….

  10. Music-chan

    @Ray: That sort of realization is something most people get AFTER they have already turned around. I do stuff like that all the time, at least. I would do something, then say “It’s really pointless to do that, isn’t it?”

  11. Xajek


  12. TheBananaFish

    It’s not really thickening, just sort of condensing.

  13. boring7

    At least it isn’t precipitating.

  14. camerbob

    I don’t know, boring7, it would be interesting to see a raining plot.

  15. Wolfox

    at least it’s not squirrels *shivers* … squirrels are evil and constantly watching… watching… watching…

    (no, I’m not paranoid, I know it’s true!)

  16. TheBananaFish

    What about plot myosis? Or plot gravitation? Maybe we’ll see a Large Plot Collider that threatens to tear appart the universe with a large Plot Hole.

    I don’t think I’d be surprised to see precipitating plot in Blank It, to tell the truth. It just seems… fitting.

  17. Da Mighty Camel

    “Plot Hole”


    “We’ll just set a new course for that empty region over there, near that plotish, holeish thing.”


  18. TheBananaFish

    If you fall down a plot hole in the Blank It “universe,” do you fall from the sky like with any other hole? Or do you come down deus ex machina?

    Oh. And “ha ha.” I just noticed the Futurama reference.

  19. them1me1you

    maybe we can ask Stephen Plotking what might happen?

    -If the universe creates a condensing plot that starts to participate it will react with the shov-el beam creating a singularity with a massive gravitational force that with create a supermassive plot hole. this plot hole may lead them through another di-mension or will destroy them once they reach the singularity– beep*

  20. them1me1you


  21. TheBananaFish

    I think it’s all covered in Albert Plotstein’s General Theory of Reliplotity.

  22. Lipkin

    I wish the guys sold a shirt that had a breast pocket with a flap, and when you opened the flap, there would be a little robot friend on the inside, looking like he was lifting the flap up.

  23. Fedorov92

    Quick! Someone add plot-hole to the wiki!!! lol

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