Battle Cry


  1. Fell_Darkpaw

    Aww he lost his hat D:

  2. E_is_for_Eric

    We need the Penguins to start throwing “Pop-Rocks-Hand-Juice” or “Mentos-Hand-Juice” grenades at the Cookie Kingdom. Now THAT would be some ‘Handy’ Artillery.

  3. LinkCable

    Not the Awesome Magic Hat D:

  4. Fedorov92


  5. Flo

    get ‘im boys! er, I mean, sexually ambigious robots!

  6. Physicsmaster

    Noooo!! Not the hat!!! Anything but the hat!!!!

  7. Ray

    Oh dear. It seems now they’ve lost the hat. Hopefully they don’t lose anything else. Like this battle, for instance.

  8. Ah!Delirante

    I STILL believe they’re going to have a dance-off.

  9. Jonathon David

    Aric’s best hat so far!! Actually, this one eally totally suits him…

    Hopefully one of the robots will be courteous enough to retrieve it for him :D

  10. macksting

    I wonder if they’re being flung apart mostly just as a part of the giant mass’s locomotion.

  11. Thepuck1

    Apparently, “Go get ‘im!” is robotic-ese for “Flee for the thine hills!”

  12. Physicsmaster

    Wecome to the Aperture Science Giant robot training program. After you complete this challenge there will be cake.

  13. E_is_for_Eric

    Remember when the platform was sliding into the fire pit and I said “Goodbye” and you were like “No way!” And then I was all “We pretended we were going to murder you?” That was great!

  14. Physicsmaster

    @E is for Eric: Thats like my favorite quote from the game.

  15. Bluesox

    This is where I say.. WHat the heck?!?! Not the hat! and Aric, buy a bleeper… Lol!

  16. Rockman007

    Finally he lost the hat! i hated it! i want more crazy alive hair action, what happend with that?

  17. Music-chan

    Is it just me or do the robbots look vaguly horrified in panel 2? With sort of D: faces!

  18. DefierOfPhysics

    The hat will catch up to him once he stops falling to what would be an inevitable death on Earth, or at least some broken bones.

    Actually, I’m not entirely sure if the robots are moving out from under Aric and Lemmo or if the robots are swiftly moving while carrying Aric and Lemmo.

    Regardless, Aric and Lemmo need to start thinking with portals.

  19. Daniel

    That danger music that happens when GLaDOS is sliding you into the fire pit is just SO COOL IT BLOWS MY MIND.

    Ontopic: Lol, that last panel reminds me of any of the 1000+ scenes of Scooby Doo in which Shaggy and Scooby run in place in the air, then boost away. Anyone know what I’m talkin’ about?

  20. Lankhmar

    oh good LORD do those foxes look cute in the second frame.

    Also I’m kinda of tempted to work out the force on the robots at the bottom of the pile based on the pile being probably ~50% robot and ~1000 Lemmos high. Issue is how tall is everything when put into our frame of reference….

  21. marca311

    @Daniel: It’s called cartoon physics.

    I think that the robots are separating Aric and Lemmo just so they can control the mecha that the robots are joining together to make.
    (Wow, I have read too much manga!)

  22. Renee

    He doesn’t think these things through does he?

  23. LinkCable

    I wish Aric haven’t burned the head hand, he already lost two cool hats… But he wouldn’t have the bionic hair of doom :x

  24. Physicsmaster

    I started a topic in the forum under gaming for “Portal” if anyone is interested.

  25. E_is_for_Eric

    @Renee: No, he doesn’t.

    Though, I have to admit the way Lemmo functions is pretty well spot on with how my mind works. (The way I recognize and perceive the data that I’m receiving via sensory input.) – However, my actual being is much like Aric. — It’s going to be very interesting if we find out that Aric and Lemmo are actually just the conscious/subconscious parts of another character (or ultimate being) that we have yet to have been informed of.
    (Almost as though Aric is the ‘Thinker’ and Lemmo the ‘Doer).

    ***Yes I’m aware that I just put far too much thought into this, but I enjoy being overly-analytical***

  26. socksbot

    Theory Aric and lemmo were always robots explaining why nothing ever really hurt them and they never bled also lemmo is more advanced explaining why he could do things aric can’t the robots in this panel are just protecting their own and another thing wouldn’t it make sense because Aric was able to time perfectly when to save lemmo when he was falling for eternity like the shovel or this could all be one giant computer simulation

  27. Physicsmaster

    @socksbot: while we can’t rule out the computer simulation theroy (I for 1 believe they r in somethng similar to the Matrix) the robot theroy doesn’t work bcuz Lemmo DID bleed a little when his hand was cut off by the giant lobster claw in hazard turned incedent (

  28. boring7

    “Have you been looking at my sword?”

  29. Andi

    Hold on parasox! and goodbye characteristically appropriate hat!

  30. socksbot

    @ physicsman oil leakage

  31. Physicsmaster

    @socksbot: hmmm… (imagines oil mixed with large quantities of red food dye added for realilistic humanoid effect)… I suppose that could b the case. It’s a bit unlikly, but possable. Your robot theroy is now (as far as I’m concerened) valid.

  32. nicktheslayer

    I just started reading these yesterday, and im sad that the newest one was such a cliffhanger, i wanted to see how they fight the robot!

    This is awesome!!

  33. Miesa

    i LOLed. i actually LOLed

  34. Lipkin

    This is not Lost. I don’t expect answers, only more questions.

  35. DefierOfPhysics

    Do you really expect answers from Lost?

    I’m going to guess they are not robots, but it is a possibility and would provide a great plot twist.

    I love the eyes in the second panel.

  36. BigBadRichard

    I like the last panel

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