Bearing Loads


  1. TheBananaFish

    “Sorry I’m late man; my cookie broke down on the freeway.” “Oh, okay, that’s… wait what?”

  2. drmskr

    Well, it seems Lemmo is pretty well integrated into this world. It’s practically normal for your friend to be carry by a cookie.

    Wonder if Aric is gonna be able to take a shower or something, he’s pretty dirty.

  3. Sampson

    Nah, one the penguins will clean him like a mother cat, as I understand, penguins can’t resist chocolate. He will scream, he will fight, but there will be too many. Poor soul.

  4. Ray

    Poor Aric, constantly having to be carried around by a cookie. I hope it will at least let him stand up when he begins to converse with Lemmo once again.

  5. Cavada

    wow, their amazement at the unusual is starting to wear off

  6. Teru

    Is Lemmo being sarcastic in the first panel? His expression amuses me, if he is serious.

  7. A dude

    I think we should stop knocking the cookie. Consider its endurance. That cookie has carried an adult man for some time. The cookie doesn’t look big and I’d put Aric anywhere between 160-180 lbs, depending on height and build. That’s no small feat and that is one tough cookie.

  8. Yogurt?

    Cavada, I think it´s just Lemmo.

  9. aric

    Ewww. I don’t want to hear “knocking the cookie” ever again.

  10. A dude

    I hear that’s what the MTV tells kids to do these days. I pride myself in my ability to keep up with all of these youthful colloquialisms, like “dude” and “tubular”.

  11. Lipkin

    Is the cookie wearing asian socks, or does he just have weird feet?

  12. macksting

    I’m inclined to say that’s the feat. Check out Mission Failure in the archives.
    Still, we can’t rule out they’re socks.

  13. Jevning

    I keep expecting to see something in the distance on that third panel. @_@

  14. TheBananaFish

    You can. Just like the early images of “Misty” were only visible if you looked at the screen from an angle to up the contrast and density of colour, or something like that. Go back a few panels, someone mentioned it. My point is: you can do the same here and see a large, elephant sized, creature in the background. No wait, that’s a stain on my screen. False alarm.

  15. maglorius

    Aric looks so happy, I think he’s been working on his epiphany from -maybe he’ll have a change of attitude.

  16. Wolfox

    awww… I like her, she’s sweet – and she seems sweet on Lemmo, but then again, anything is possible! and now I’m craving walking cookies…

  17. maglorius

    I’m still sticking with my original thought -that Misty is trying to get a name to be with her beloved (now solid) Pericles.

  18. Ziggy Stardust


  19. sethkasketch


  20. Mathias

    I giggled when i read this.

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