Beetles All The Way Down


  1. Goriath

    Still sounds like a Pirate Accent to me

  2. Greyryder

    I think he be a right Scottish laddy, laddy.

  3. Jloopy

    Yup… I got Scottish this time.

  4. Ray

    Poor Lemmo. It must be freaky when a talking bug that came out of a giant talking bug that was flying half a giant fly starts trying to dissect you.

  5. McFlury

    Fergus is a very cool name though… I can’t wait to see the upcoming adventures of Lemmo and Fergus, trying to find back Aric…

  6. Arantor

    Sounds loike th’ luck o’ th’ Irish t’ me!

  7. DragoNero

    sounds irish to me…. (too…. just read arantor’s comment ^^)

  8. them1me1you

    ay ye been down in ye wi li’l rooms, aye tell ye that be scottish, if e’ were irish, ‘ed ‘ave a bottl’ o’ whiskey on han’. i’ be tru’.

  9. Renee

    Socks wasn’t so pushy.

  10. Ezra

    He’s Scottish, because his name is Fergus.

  11. Daniel

    But then, Ezra, LEMMO named him, not Fergus himself. He could be anything.

    However, I don’t know why we are trying to give him a nationality; he’s a beetle. Not a person. Heck, he doesn’t even live on Earth. He’s Canvasian, with no accent simply because he is an image that writes–rather than talks.

  12. NoriMori

    But now who’s driving the half-bug??

    And…”mesothroax”? Is that his accent talking, or did they mean “mesothorax?”

    LOL, and technically there ARE “creatures” running Lemmo’s body, but he wouldn’t think of it that way…

  13. Handgunman

    I know what his accent is!
    Its a BUGgish accent!

  14. NoriMori

    Wow…despite how long the comic feels, it really does not take long to read the whole thing, or at least half of it. O.O

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