Below the Belt


  1. Ray

    Ah, the joy that is a wraparound border for your universe. Also, hooray for lack of friction!

  2. cavada

    Slide tackling in Frisbee golf is a much needed improvement to the game

  3. Jacob

    Sticking to the eyeball theory here. Maybe he slid right around, above Lemmo, and back behind him? That’d be awesome. Not to mention it’d hurt whoever’s eye they’re in.

    If they are. Ahem.

  4. HappyHead

    Wow, the area of the canvas they’re in at the moment is rather small…

    Sort of explains how Aric was always “behind” Lemmo no matter which way he turned, yet also far enough away to not be visible.

  5. Jackson

    I like that Aric’s literally going nowhere. He’s ending up right back where he started.

    Also, with the World Cup going on, a slide tackle is highly appropriate. Just make sure you don’t get carded.


    I like this universe, but I’m really curious to know where it is in relative location to our previous one.

  7. Mr.Biggles


  8. Lipkin

    Clearly, they are robots, since humans who crash together do not make a metalic “BANG” sound.


  9. Gimptheswimmer


  10. Jaz

    This might just be my favorite blank it comic. It’s right up there with number 26, ‘temptation’. :) …by the way, did anyone else notice that the other time they collided like this, the made a “pow” sound, but here they make a “bang” sound? -jaz out

  11. cheetaboy7

    Aric looks allot more like his old self than Lemmo.

  12. E_is_for_Eric

    This really is a fun strip. I enjoyed it very much.

  13. Renee

    Forget all this laundromat nonsense, I wish MY clothes would refresh themselves.

  14. Defier of Physics

    Nice job with the motion blur. It really captures the slide tackle.

    So, Lemmo remembered that Aric is a college freshman, and Aric is bitter about it, suggesting that Lemmo is older (possibly a sophomore). Interesting that Lemmo remembers this but not his own name. Additionally, I don’t think Aric and Lemmo knew each other pre-canvas.

    Is their memory returning?

  15. Socksbot

    Hmm point 1 for looping universe but this could also be a dream

  16. Socksbot

    @ defied of physics I believe he was just making a joke about the way aric was dressed which annoyed aric

  17. Shaelyn

    Socksbot, could it not have been a dream from the beginning?

  18. E_is_for_Eric

    @Socksbot -> Defier of Physics

    I agree with Socksbot about Lemmo making a joke about the way Aric is dressed. It looks like it could be very ‘frat boy’ esque.

  19. Socksbot

    @shaelyn but then they wouldn’t have gone to sleep in it

  20. me.vicky

    Okay, is it just me, or are Aric and Lemmo (the characters) suddenly more attractive?

  21. Tom

    @me.vicky – I think it’s just you.

  22. Xajek


  23. Dran

    Yay repetitive universe

  24. NoriMori

    I love how before saying the thing about golfing he says “On a related note…” Just makes it that much funnier. Although I don’t quite get why that pissed Aric off…
    And how come the borders are so much smaller now? :S

  25. NoriMori

    P.S. Is the slightly different drawing style deliberate? Cuz I’m not sure I like it…is it gonna go back to normal? Are we gonna go back to the universe where Misty and King Ginger and the bugs and all them are? T_T

  26. Defier of Physics

    @Socksbot and E_is_for_Eric: You’re right, it is a clothes comment. I should have picked up on that.

    In other news, SLIDETACKLE for the win!

  27. Flo

    ya know, I think this is the blank it comic strip that makes the most sense.

  28. E_is_for_Eric

    @NoriMori – I actually enjoy the different drawing style. If you go back through the Blankit archives, you can see where Lemmo has made subtle changes to the art-style throughout the comic. I think right now he’s trying something different. Maybe he’ll stick with it, maybe he won’t; I however think it adds to the overall appeal of the comic because I think it proves how much he cares about the comic that he is willing to continue trying new things with his drawing style. (I don’t want to say improving and come across like I’m insulting him, but maybe he IS trying to improve his style.)

    As far as returning to the universe with Misty, King Ginger, and the Bugs… only time will tell. The way we are being enticed is definitely working to keep me interested.

  29. Lemmo

    Aric says I can do what I want with the art, so I took the reboot as a chance to play with a new artistic approach. Aric likes it, I likes it. As for the other established characters, gosh. Use your brains, guys. It would be a bad story if we threw character developments away.

  30. vengerofthelight

    While I’m sure it’s been mentioned already (no tiem 4 reedinz t3h kommentz), I have to say that I -really- like the new visual style. Mr. Lemmo, you have my gratitude.

  31. Qqtt991

    It appears as though this universe repeats every ten feet.


  32. Socksbot

    @defier of physics agree SLIDETACKLE FTW

  33. Arcasius

    I just noticed that the tables were turned in the baseball sliding maneuvers, and that Aric has his shoes again

  34. matt b

    i was right haha i guessed it u lose i win i called it and it was awesome.

  35. Stan

    We do that for our frisbee golf however full contact became so violent that we now just call it “fightball”

  36. NoriMori


    “Slide tackling in Frisbee golf is a much needed improvement to the game”

    That made me lol. Especially considering that I tried Frisbee golf once and sucked at it. I would enjoy the game a lot more if I could tackle people! :D


    “Sticking to the eyeball theory here. Maybe he slid right around, above Lemmo, and back behind him? That’d be awesome. Not to mention it’d hurt whoever’s eye they’re in.

    If they are. Ahem.”

    That made me lol, too. XD

  37. NoriMori


    I don’t consider the “subtle changes” at the beginning to be “real” changes. From all the manga I’ve read, it seems that every artist, no matter how talented or experienced, starts off a bit rough when they start something new. Fruits Basket is like that, Bleach is like that, even Death Note is like that. At first you don’t notice, but then you get so far, and then you go back and wince at how amateurish the first few chapters look. I’m guessing Lemmo and Aric are no exception, and I think at first the art just started off rough and then gradually became less rough as they kept working on it. But this is a legit, sudden, purposeful change. Just sayin’, I don’t like it. Well, actually, I like Lemmo’s hair more. That is, I like that the side bits are long now, instead of just the bangs. But other than that, I prefer the original style.

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