Better Than Those Foxes


  1. Alex

    Utterly hilarious. I laughed out loud. A sort of barking, slightly mad laugh.

    I enjoyed that laugh. I wish I was laughing it again.

  2. Ryan


  3. Parrot

    Aww, I just found this webcomic three days ago and I love it!
    This one is so sweet. X3

  4. Lehooo

    This comic is so surreal, it’s got a unique style. It’s become one of my favorite web comics very quickly. Do you think it’ll be released in album form sometime in the future?

  5. hrasdt

    Ha, the second panel is so great, best individual panel for ages.

  6. Jackson

    Let’s just hope this decision doesn’t come back to bite him.

    …ba-dum pchshh

  7. cheetaboy7

    What are they gonna name it? I vote Mr Nib!

    No, wait, thats a stupid name…

  8. ColonelLuxray

    Lol Lemmo’s face.

    And yeah, where are those adorable foxes? Maybe robo-Aric and robo-Lemmo are keeping them as pets like human Aric and human Lemmo are keeping that sign.

  9. Xajek

    It’s apparent how much they know each other now.

  10. Xajek

    Oh, the title is fantastic

  11. Reader


    You’re in luck. The first book just went on sale a little while ago:

  12. AllCaps

    @Jackson LOL:) And I’m in love with Lemmo:) Look at his face:)

  13. AllCaps

    The wooden sigh is like “help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!” LOL:)

  14. Glo

    Aaaahhh! Love it. Hahaha, it’s so perfect! Also, no one saw it coming, so it’s even better. Expressions are fabulous.



    More flailing leaf arms!!!

  16. NoriMori

    Lol @Alex and lol @Jackson.

    And @Glo, yeah I agree, I was really shocked, but loved it all the more. I love Lemmo’s face in panel two! He’s like “FOR ME???” and all excited. So cute! And I love Aric more than ever now for being such a nice friend!

    @cheetaboy7, really? I think it’s a cute name! Although I prefer Mr. Nibs (plural). There’s no such thing as a stupid name in Blank It! I mean, come on, the name Mr. Nib would fit in perfectly with the name Pericles van Mudgett!

    @Xajek, OMG, I always forget to read the title! I don’t look at it until someone mentions it! XD

  17. Renee

    I wouldn’t say it’s BETTER than those foxes. Different level of awesome, but not completely better. I wonder how those fuzzballs are doing.

  18. Music-chan

    Oh snap @ the title =p

  19. E_is_for_Eric

    Amazing. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. I’m still chuckling every time I refresh the page.

  20. Shaelyn

    ~laughs~ Lemmo’s expression in the 2nd panel is priceless! he’s all like… ~SQUEE!~

  21. Raron

    Awww that is so sweet and thoughtful and friendly and…
    who is that guy and what has he done with Aric?

  22. Socksbot

    Its funny but pleeeeease bring back the foxes

  23. Socksbot

    Also i wonder what the back of lemmos pet says

  24. Piemaster

    2nd panel @ the signs face: zOMG I WUNNA PET SIGN NOW WUBAWUBAUWBA.
    3rd panel: Oh god he is viscious. nevermind.

  25. Tomixcomics

    Hahahaha1 awesome twist! last comic I was all “GASP! NO! HWO CRUEL!!!” and then this hilarious thing.
    strange how i saw the strangling as cruel where i didnt think twice baotu the breaking.

  26. Ray

    The title is debatable, especially to some, but not to me. Also: Ah Lemmo, you & your obsession with pets! Although I can guess I can understand the want for companionship, considering the kind of world you’re in.

  27. BigBadRichard

    Lemmo’s face in panel 2 is awesome x3. But I miss pair of fox.

  28. ThisIsNotDan

    Judging by the third panel in the last comic, I’d say that their pet sign also happens to be the original “Beyond Here Lies Danger” sign.

  29. Unlisted

    Bite bite bite bite bite bite bite bite

  30. Uninamer

    Will the King hear of this?

  31. Qqtt991

    Oh god, those expressions. Bahahahahaaha~

  32. MultiversalInk

    I love the expressions and the body language here. My new favourite strip ^^

    And how about naming it Danger?

  33. Wonderboy

    awwwww. i want one <3

  34. OrangesAreAwesome

    83 <-Lemmo's face XD and ya it would be nice to have the foxes
    come back, but remember that they can't remember anything and therefore are bad at remembering things XD hope that's not to confusing XD

  35. MarshmallowRadiation

    I get the feeling that Danger will soon learn to talk…

    And he won’t say good things…

  36. ♥cutethings

    CUTE!!!!!!! gwaaaa! I ♥ Lemmo’s face on the second panel (:3)… though I DO wonder if those sign monsters can understand English… The monster’s face on the second panel looks like he understood what Aric said… poor cute little monster…

  37. DukeGravity

    Heheh, lemmo is like a four year old with a new wagon in the last panel.

    Also@ Uninamer: Yes, I believe the king will indeed hear of this. :D

  38. Mr.Biggelsworth

    His name shall be FREDRICO!!!

  39. Lipkin

    I say we name the sign “Clearly.”

    Because clearly Clearly pointed out the danger.

  40. M

    @Socksbot, look in the last comic, it is the ‘beyond here lies danger’ sign.

  41. Minando

    I think he looks like a Woody. Or Abe Wormwood the third, maybe.

  42. MarshmallowRadiation

    I still think he should be called Danger.

  43. MultiversalInk

    Clearly Danger Nibs? Or Danger Clearly Nibs? Maybe Mr. Nibs Danger Clearly? Mr. Nibs Clearly Danger?

  44. MultiversalInk

    And if you add in Wormwood and Woody, you can get tons of other combinations.

  45. NoriMori

    Lol @MultiversalInk.

  46. Omgwatwasdat


  47. Omgwatwasdat

    That shall be his name

  48. Omgwatwasdat

    Lol third panel the signs like aw crap

  49. Omgwatwasdat

    I mean second

  50. DukeGravity

    Multi posting ftw!


    I like Hugo Wormwood Zanzibar Del Montegro McFerson.

  51. Glo

    Danger Sign! LOL. Brings back memories of a drawing I called Danger Frog in my drawing 2 college course.

    Whatever it’s name, it doesn’t look to be agreeing with being a pet. I’m sure Lemmo can win it over with his boyish charm given some time.

  52. TandokunoChan

    I would buy a book of this in a heartbeat. Less than that, if possible!

  53. MultiversalInk

    Personally, I’m a fan of Mr. Clearly Danger Nibs Woody the Third.

    I heard of someone with three first names and two last names once.

  54. OrangesAreAwesome

    how about we stop trying to make up names for ‘Danger Clearly Whatever’ and just wait fir the next strip. and if I were to name it I would say Lemmo Jr. or Aric Jr.

  55. Omgwatwasdat

    Mr. Remariz Nibs Woodafir Wormwood the 17th

  56. Omgwatwasdat


  57. Lipkin

    You know, I feel like the mysterious voice would have gotten more discussion earlier in the comic. Aric and Lemmo have now just started to roll with things, rather than question them as they occur. Still, I wish we knew who the voice was. God of the Canvas? Robots? Bug? Me?


    This is beautiful. this whole comic. it’s like, you can’t believe it’s not awesome, that’s how awesome it is.


    I don’t think lemmo will getting board anytime soon.

  59. cheetaboy7

    OK, THATS funny. ^^^

    Anyway, here are the name suggestions so far.
    Mr Nibs (Mine/NoriMori’s)
    Danger/Wormwood/Woody (MultiversalInk’s)
    FREDRICO (Mr.Biggelsworth’s)
    Clearly (Lipkin’s)
    Remariz (Omgwatwasdat’s)
    Hugo Wormwood Zanzibar Del Montegro McFerson (DukeGravity’s)
    Lemmo jr./Aric jr. (OrangesAreAwesome’s)

  60. Omgwatwasdat

    3 eyes ftw

  61. Omgwatwasdat

    And profound moments in l4d2 ftw

  62. Wolfox

    …where can I get me a warning sign??

  63. MultiversalInk

    @Cheetaboy7: Actually, my suggestion was ‘all of the above’. Wormwood/Woody was Minando’s. I suggested Danger and Mr. Clearly Danger Nibs Woody the Third.

  64. AllCaps

    lemmo looks so cute:) lol:)

  65. Flo

    that is soooooooooooo cute! squee!

  66. BlueSox

    Hahaha! YAYY!

  67. AllCaps

    i love lemmos face:)

  68. NoriMori


    “Mr. Remariz Nibs Woodafir Wormwood the 17th”

    I more so would enjoy “Mr. Remariz Nibs Woodafir”. It has such a nice ring to it.

    As I was typing that, I realized that like half a dozen people are having a serious conversation about what we should name a fictional sign. This comic has turned us crazy! XD

  69. Faeline

    Aww. So sweet.

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