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  1. macksting

    That’s a hell of a title for this comic.

  2. macksting

    That’s not the crashed, firey plane at all. It’s something else entirely exploding. There, that makes everything easier.

  3. Jevning

    I wish that was something else entirely. Instead I see Lemmo’s little body flying through the air. At least it doesn’t appear to be on fire. Can’t have the penguins taking him.

  4. WeeGoblin

    No one has as yet died in the universe. Even if Lemmo is in several crispy pieces he probably will just carry on regardless. Remember he DID willingly stick his hand in the shovel beam.

  5. macksting

    Yeah, and besides all that, we don’t quite know for sure that’s Lemmo flying. However, I saw it too.
    Besides, it’s just a theory.

  6. McFlury

    I’m actually wondering where Chip the Chocolatedood (or what did we call him? Kinda forgot :s ) went. He obviously didn’t eat Aric, and Aric seems quite fine, so obviously Chip didn’t doo any naughty stuff. See? You were all wrong, and I was right! Chip was just performing some friendly ritual, not scarily jumping at Aric to eat.

  7. Thanatos

    Unless Chip the Carnivorous Cookie got eaten by Aric’s self-motivated bionic hair, we do still have that option.

  8. Jackson

    Aw dang. Looks like Lemmo’s gonna need a can of ENTIRE FREAKIN’ BODY JUICE…

  9. Megan


  10. Ziggy Stardust

    Oh no! Well, at least Aric is alive… but what is the fate of Lemmo?!

  11. Ray

    Hooray, Aric’s ALIVE!!!

  12. Renee

    I, too, am happy to see Aric again. I am fairly certain that Lemmo’s just fine. Such a teaser-title.

  13. Isaac

    My first reaction was: Aww crap Lemmo died.
    But this universe tends to be silly. I’m sure theres a rational…well who am I kidding, a completely irrational, yet crazy explanation for all this.

  14. Yogurt?

    I think that only the rear end of the plane exploded and that bigger piece wee see flying is the cockpit with Lemmo in it. And it´s obvious Misty didn´t die.

  15. Midoriko


    I’m also quite happy to see Aric again, apparently intact, but I now only hope that we can say the same for Lemmo.

    And yes: Fantastic comic title.

  16. Sillytwist

    lol at sentence cutting explosion.. also Lemmo has to live… hes a main character… if not what will happen next will misty inherit his dead corpse and use it however she wants?

  17. switch

    That is a very, very disturbing thought, SillyTwist. Could this be the culmination of Pericles’ assassination plot? I do hope Lemmo’s alive and well. That close to the explosion, I can’t see a positive outcome.

  18. seananners

    NOOOOO!!!!!!! 8□!!!!!

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