Betwixt and Between


  1. Midoriko

    I confess I was thinking the same thing before I got to the third panel…

    YAY Lemmo’s okay! but his hat’s gone again. Seems Misty makes it a bit hard to hang on to.

  2. McFlury

    His hat is safe, in the second pannel you can see it laying there, a few feet behind him. If he’s quick enough perhaps he can pick it up and put it on his head safely before it changes :)

  3. Ray

    Well well, it appears Misty is getting more personality/character development. I wonder if this means she plans to deny future offers/attempts at naming her? She was pretty excited about it before, but this experience might have shocked her out of wanting a name or made her realize the dangers of having one in the first place(Lol, Death Note.). Still, I wonder how Aric will handle this plane’s crash. Makes you wonder if they’re in The Bermuda Triangle or something.

  4. Jackson

    Huh, Misty’s gettin’ feisty.

    Now where did Lemmo’s hat get to?

  5. Jackson

    Oh. McFlurry pointed out the hat. Missed that…

  6. Ziggy Stardust

    Don’t you dare! I love the look on Lemmo’s face in the third panel… very devious. And geez! Now Lemmo and Aric are both dirty! Maybe they should take a dip in the purple sea.

  7. Lipkin

    She’s saying don’t you dare because she is currently being halved by a plane wing. You be feisty too if you were about to be potentially bisected. I think she still wants a name, just not while she is IN something.

  8. macksting

    I’ll go with that interpretation, Lipkin.
    Aye, it’s interesting to know that indeed Aric is now bound for Lemmo’s (present) location, and that Aric was right about Lemmo and explosions.

  9. Renee


  10. Sillytwist

    lol i figured lemmo would have landed a bit farther

  11. djeims

    I’m interested in the contents of that exploded plane. It looks like a clothes drying got unfolded… Perhaps Socks can make friends with Boxers and Sweater.

  12. Megan

    ^_^ well done. “Don’t you Dare!” and “perhaps socks can make friends with boxers and sweater” both made me chuckle. Bravo!

  13. Sillytwist

    @djeims: are u referring to the things on the inside of the carcass of the plane?

    I noticed it too just now… its colorful, i wonder what it is.

  14. penguinbassist

    Misty seems really angry…
    Wonder when she’s gonna get solid? And what they’ll do when she is…

  15. macksting

    Probably accidentally put her in harm’s way.

  16. NoriMori

    I really WOULD like to know what would’ve happened if he’d named her at that moment…? XD

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