1. Sqverl

    A cookie saved their lifes, and that’s how they thank it? Lemmo and Aric should learn some maners…

  2. Colbo

    1. They didn’t know that plane is going to crash
    2. How did Aric pull to sword with his right hand?

  3. Jill

    The robot hair has gone all Kevin Sorbo…

  4. Megan

    If I were Wendall……I’d probably cry big fat deliciously gooey tears. Then run and tell the king.

  5. Bryan

    Now I just want to be encrusted in chocolate so I can bust out of it like Aric.

  6. Midoriko

    The dialogue in this comic is literally the best I’ve ever read. Not to mention the concept of a teleporting cookie in any case.

  7. vengerofthelight

    “Kicking lacks dignity for all involved.”

    Seriously, though, that’s some sexy hair on Aric.

  8. Renee

    Poor Wendall…he was only helping. :(

  9. Fedorov92


  10. Ray

    Aric looks pissed. Although I’m not exactly sure why. Isn’t he aware the cookie/Wendall saved their/his life/lives?

  11. macksting

    Maybe he really, really doesn’t like chocolate. Maybe he’s allergic.
    It’s too bad Aric isn’t prone to insults, or that sword would also be glowing in this scene. It’d be cool.

  12. Wet Won

    In the second panel it looks like he’s wearing the Hulk Smash hands

  13. Ziggy Stardust

    Man, Aric’s being mean to Wendall!

  14. Travis

    Aric was covered in chocolate when we saw him last…

    This has happened to him once or twice already.

    Wendall even apologized for it.

  15. Jevning

    Wendall is cute but I don’t believe he was trying to help them. The last time he spoke his words were, “The king will hear of this.” Then Wendall proceeds to ignore them for the next 5 strips while in a stance looking something like frustrated concentration. All of a sudden “Time to go!” only to transport Aric and Lemmo via a mode described as “horrifying.” If I were Aric, I might be upset too.

  16. me.vicky

    Aric, pissed off, shoulder-length hair, covered in chocolate…
    He has, officially, never been sexier than now!

  17. mast3rmind

    i wonder…if you were to take one of wendells chocolate chips off, and throw it to the ground, would it create a new wendell? or a child of some sort? maybe all his chips are just buds that must be removed, sort of a cross between budding, and mutilation reproductive styles. could we then have a million different wendells, or just copies, that aric could then release his uber pent up fury upon, without pissing off the king, or real wendell?


    interesting maybe!

  19. Daniel

    This comic is filled with delicious awesomness.
    Kinda like those Hershey Cookies and Cream bars, but more wordy.

  20. mast3rmind

    and less edible

  21. JamesLite

    What I want to know is how he got that sword back.

    He dropped it just after escaping the unsettlement.

  22. Daniel

    Nice observation, James.

  23. tez711

    ya, but james, he picked it back up when the cookie started carrying him and you’ve been able to see it in pretty much every strip since.

  24. uberbiz

    Oh man, I just finished catching up and reading from the beginning. This is going in my list of comics I must read every week. I love the concept and I love the art! Now I’m sad that I’ll have to wait for updates, it was nice just to read strip after strip after strip…

  25. Sampson

    I want a cookie now.

  26. Sampson

    I’m going to go buy a pack of cookies now.

  27. NoriMori


    “Now I just want to be encrusted in chocolate so I can bust out of it like Aric.”

    I concur 112%!

    And guys, the cookie didn’t save their lives, he’s taking them to the King. The fact that doing so saved them from the crash is a coincidence. So stop feeling sorry for the cookie. To those who haven’t read far past this, I think you’ll find that you’ll eventually stop liking the cookies…

  28. Freezie43110

    There is a fair amount of dignity in a crescent kick. :/

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