Blanket Comics

Word of mouth is the best way to spread your love for Blank It. However, it might get a little confusing. If you tell someone to go to, they might hear

But, you know what? It doesn’t matter anymore. They both go to the same place! So you don’t have to look like a big fat jerk by saying, “Actually, it’s Blank It, not blanket.” And then your buddy would say, “Both of those things sounds the same to me, and now we are no longer friends.”

We don’t want to end friendships.


  1. .

    wow. wont you.. waste resources on an extra web?

  2. lemmo

    This action was taken only after the dilemma arose. So I wouldn’t consider problem solving a waste. Unless you wanted that domain. In that case, nyah hah.

  3. .

    so u guys are really “urban professionals” to have da $ and time to bother to do this webbie….
    wtf are you people?!?!

  4. aric

    Well put, sir. Your argument is clear and to the point.

  5. lemmo

    Concise and eloquent, even!

  6. .

    ok im just going to google your names now.

  7. lemmo

    Do that, you might find my website! (Psst. Hint, it’s called Blank It).

  8. Matt Matt

    You guys just made my day. Not just in the matter of this… not sure what to call it really. Thing. But also the comments of Sir Dot and you as well. Both of you really. And there I go ranting again with terrible grammer and horrible spelling.

    Just sayen’ I dig what you did; it amuses me beyond amusement.

    If that makes sense.


  9. Alex

    Go back to making Blankit!

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