Branching Out


  1. E_is_for_Eric

    I could go for some Smores right now!

  2. PolleN112

    They might need to find the Cookie refugees first if they want s’mores.

  3. Midoriko

    Lemmo is the eternal optimist.

  4. runedeadthA

    Well I guess we can leaf it to Lemmo branch out and explore new ways not be board.
    I do find it funny they way he runs rings around Aric, I hope he knows that I’m rooting for him! Next to Socks, he is definatly the most poplar character, I just wish he wasn’t such a sap.

    All right, I’ll stop beating around the bush and plying wood puns, i will go rest on my laurels and try limb-prove them.

  5. Parrot

    Don’t say it like that! XD

  6. Jackson

    Lemmo’s talkin’ about his wood-arm as if he has a choice about keeping it. What’s the other option, cut it off and go one-armed?

    @runedeadthA: you win.

  7. Dasaki

    Ya hand juice only works for hands! XD

  8. Hackey

    Dasaki: [citation needed]

    In other news, I almost lol’d at the first panel. I need to stop reading BlankIt in class.

  9. cheetaboy7

    Lemmos woody seems bigger than before. I mean is Lemmo working out cause he looks more muscular.

  10. Default117

    Sorry about my morning wood… ⌐⌐;

  11. Thanatos

    how far does his woody extend? is it just his arm, or does it spread a bit over his torso?

  12. Socksbot

    Sox oh sox where are you sox
    You come back for a short while
    Leaving me feeling sour
    Oh soxes oh soxes how i love you so
    Please do come back i truly
    Miss you love, Socksbot

  13. MarshmallowRadiation

    Looks like the wood stopped spreading when the sign died. And since we got a paradox cameo, can we have a Misty cameo too?

  14. cheetaboy7

    I agree, Misty come back!

  15. MultiversalInk

    I wonder how long until they run into something familiar again. Like the new shovelbeam or the broken cookie castle, or the hand juice machine/hand forest.

  16. Minando

    No doubt theres a woodchuck nearby. And if a woodchuck could chuck wood…awwww…spoiler…

  17. Raiten

    Fox in socks… ah, Dr. Suess “And if they battle in a bottle with paddles it’s a Tweedle Beetle Bottle Puddel Paddle Battle and…”

  18. Thebrum

    So now we’ve got Lemmo with the wooden arm, Aric with the robotic hair, and the pair with mud-man powers. They could totally do a super hero bit, they just need a damsel in distress…Misty?

  19. Ray

    I like smores, but you’ll probably need some graham crackers first.

  20. Dran

    no getting it cut off then drinking some arm juice

  21. Why Is The Sky Green?!

    Lemmos arm looks all big and weird in the first panel…

  22. Mell

    @runedeadthA – Wow and I thought I was good at puns…

  23. me.vicky

    I am severely impressed by that woodmuscle. Lookin’ good, Lemmo!

  24. NoriMori

    Mmm, marshmallow folk… But I love how Lemmo assumes he has a choice about whether or not he can keep “Woody”.

  25. NoriMori

    Lol, I love how everybody’s assuming that Lemmo’s talking about s’mores… There is such a thing as just plain old roasted marshmallows, though.

    And I just realized that Lemmo’s arm has a little leaf, just poking out of the shoulder. It almost looks like a clothing tag. XD So if it comes off, does that mean that Lemmo is stuck with the arm, due to the signs’ strict return policy? XD I crack me up.

  26. anonymous


    Nice sidestep of a Goblinslayer-ish fate.

    Or at least, you won’t be surprised when it happens.

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