Breaking the Law


  1. Groxx

    Evidently this means that the universe exists because The Hatted One is observing it, as it doesn’t account for drag, nor was he hurt by the impact.
    Even though a dress changes _everything_. Maybe the shovel will turn into one.

  2. Groxx

    ’tis a frightening world indeed.

  3. Lucid Magi

    Found your comic from the InkTank Site. You have my interest, can’t wait to see where it goes.

  4. Vassago

    If the universe only exists because glasses sees it, then the fact that the hatted one observes it is moot. For if it only exists in the mind of the glasses one, then the hatted one also only exists in his mind, so would react to his setting as if he were still real.

    Like a character in the book is in the universe the author creates for them, and if the author ceases to exist [before the book is done] the universe ceases to exist, but the character is never aware that their is an author or a “real” universe in which the character does not exist [unless the character breaks the fourth wall].

    . . .

    by which i mean i love these comics

  5. Renee

    Shovel becomes drag queen!

  6. Parrot

    “I don’t see how a dress would change things.”

    This is really the greatest idea for a comic.
    I am truly envious…

  7. Ray

    Ah-hah, nice. Reminds me of the Free-Fall Element in Chrono Cross. It takes someone up in the air, then sends them back down at supersonic speed.

    I really like this comic so far.

  8. Me

    how the fric does he know so much

  9. NoriMori

    Lol, I love how the shovel dressing in drag would give it physics drag. XD

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