Brief Orientation


  1. TheBananaFish

    Haha. Panel four is gold.

  2. Socksbot

    Unintentional tackle FTW

  3. Renee

    A pre-emptive apology? I like it.

  4. Socksbot

    This new universe just hates lemmo which is my new theory since the other one seemed to favor him at times

  5. E_is_for_Eric

    hahaha, awesome. I also enjoy the pre-emptive apology. I’m really intrigued about how the ‘universe’ is going to continue expanding/unfolding.

  6. Ray

    This looks like something bad is going to happen.

  7. Socksbot

    Oooh I got a good title for the next strip”Defeatism” because lemmo just can’t win here and I kinda think he needs to accept that

  8. cheetaboy7

    Am I the only one worried about Aric? He’s falling on his head!

  9. runedeadthA

    @cheetaboy7 Don’t worry, Lemmo’s spleen will break his fall.

    All in All this universe doesn’t seem particularly….Stable. I would advise not digging with any Shovels and/or Spades encountered.

  10. Anony

    im finding it all too convenient that we can see the boundaries of a universe, what does this mean exactly?

  11. Anony

    and how come gravity, which is a force of any object of mass to accelerate towards one another, is always acting “down” on these boundaries? if its a universe, wouldnt they just consider down to be whatever is beneath theyre feet, no matter what the readers perspective is?

  12. Anony

    um… nevermind, i just remembered the whole idea behind this comic, im bad at science

  13. Timeline

    This is the first time I have ever seen anybody say “whoops-a-daisy” in mid-tackle lunge.

    I like it.

  14. Jaz

    lemmo’s got it all wrong. he’s the one that’s in for a serious tackling. is tackling going to be an official response to…anything? I wish that would be acceptable in my society. -jaz out

  15. Tree McAwesomesauce

    /me is confused as to what has happened to the canvas.

  16. Kyle

    Just read this whole archive from the beginning. This comic’s a masterpiece, dudes. I’ll be keeping up to date with this epicness.

  17. Arcasius

    umm in the first panel, is Lemmo floating o.o, and i was thinking that maybe they were on a broken piece of the map that the foxes broke, as for how they got there i don’t know, and in the previous comic the canvas was round yet Lemmo couldn’t find Aric and he was walking forward, there was nothing obstructing his vision yet he couldn’t find him, i’m just throwing ideas out there

  18. Arcasius

    i’m also curious in what cause the dramatic change of characters, Lemmo wasn’t like this before

  19. Arcasius

    also i’m going to reiterate, where did he get his pants and shoes back from o.o

  20. Qqtt991

    Omg fairy teleporting garments!

  21. Defier of Physics

    Thinks are about to get rather awkward and painful.

    Also, if tackling was a socially-acceptable response to anything, I would find myself often inconvenienced by spontaneous tackling, although that might not be a bad way to meet new people.

    I think we have established that this is universe is new and different from the Chapter 1 universe (and completely independent from the intermission). I am a big fan of the representation of 4D space and particularly like the texture on the outer-universal space.


  22. Defier of Physics

    Sorry that is supposed to read:
    “Things are about to…
    … I think we have established that this universe is new …”

  23. Jaz

    bur spontaneous tackling would make the world SO much more interesting!! (and painful…but pain in interesting ways!) -jaz out

  24. Flo

    hey, the veins are pointing in a different direction now.

    and @Arcasius: that’s a good question! Lemmo didn’t start like this though, in the beginning he seemed more like himself.

  25. Socksbot

    I wonder ifit will make another ka-bonksh sound

  26. E_is_for_Eric

    It would be interesting if whatever ‘space’ they are currently in would crash to the ‘ground’ of the black area and when the area broke apart if it would expand back into the previous universe.

    Also, it would be interesting if they were being held captive by someone or something in a very intriguing type of glass cage.

  27. Socksbot

    @e_is_for_Eric and whoever that is seems to hate lemmo maybe it’s pericles van mudgett and he is taking revenge on lemmo this is about your containter theory van mudgett mustve invented a way to infiltrate their dreams and manipulate them they could be still asleep

  28. Xajek

    I want fergus. Just saying.

  29. Wonderboy

    it seems that we will not know the exact way that this current space functions until future comics, so lets just leave it at that.

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