Bump the Cutter


  1. lemmo

    Sorry this one’s a little late. Technical glitches on my end. Good thing I had the day off! Happy T-day, everyone.

  2. Teru

    Happy thanksgiving, Lemmo!
    Don’t worry about being late. ^^
    RL > internet. *nodnod*

    In other news…
    I love Lemmo. <3

  3. Ray

    Lol, looks like Lemmo is off to get the new item first. He’s so hasty.

  4. Jackson


  5. Paige

    Happy Thanksgiving! :D

    >.o er… I mean … holidays?

    *political correctness was never my forte :P*

  6. Timeline

    Lemmo looks like he is trying to look manly ;D

    Poor poor aric.

  7. Fedorov92

    Hahaha I remember sitting here at midnight last night, all disappointed when it didn’t show up immediately. However, I think the wait made it all better! Thanks for the comic and Happy Turkey Day!!!

  8. Renee

    I figured it was going to be a day off due to Turkey festivities. I actually don’t like turkey, though.

  9. jeims

    Glasses? More like EYES.

    Maybe it’s another hat.

  10. cyber95

    Thanksgiving. Crazy America folk, always behind the times. Thanksgiving has been over for a while now!

  11. Cavada

    Looks like Aric lost his pupils with the stunning, either that or they are linked to his glasses.

  12. WeeGoblin

    lemmo may yet live to regret this enthusiasm.

  13. Ray

    Silly, Lemmo. Always being so hasty….

  14. socksbot

    lol Paige if I can quote achmed/Jeff dunham killing folks is easy being politically correct is a pain in the ass and lemmo after I saw this one the first time I fell out of my chair

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