1. Midoriko


  2. Omgwatwasdat

    Damn. It was so mean that fergus’s accent changed

  3. Dendrago

    Hmm… So Fergus is a bug AND a troll.

  4. MarshmallowRadiation

    I lied NOW the insult lighthouse is overloading.

  5. Dave

    Ouch. Look at Aric’s expression in the second frame. Now that’s deflated.

  6. Chaos Theory

    Holy crap that’s awesome and somehow terrifying.

  7. Shirasong

    It looks like Aric’s crying now! Jeez!
    btw love Lemmo just chillin there, watching the bug-light expoding.

  8. maglorius

    oh snap!

  9. Parrot

    Aww, poor Aric! He was asking for it though. XD

  10. Lipkin

    Nah, Fergus was being an asshole. Aric wasn’t asking for anything of the sort.

  11. djeims

    Aww, don’t cry Aric! Whip up a quick your-mamma joke! Also, how does Fergus even know this?

    Ooo, lightning bug!

  12. Teenlink

    @djeims I believe Fergus knows this because the whole comic takes place within Aric’s subconscious, and therefore, every character in this comic would know every little flaw in Aric’s being.

  13. Nexall

    I think the giant bug may begin to fly again.

  14. nicktheslayer

    U mad?

  15. SleepyVen


    vVv Also, this.

  16. Da Mighty Camel

    Arics’ response? “Your mother”


    Don’t worry, Aric. The parafoxes will make you feel better.

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  19. E_is_for_Eric

    hahaha… man!

  20. NoriMori

    Wow. That insult there was totally unwarranted, and aside from that it was so terrible that the light EXPLODED! O_O

    I don’t think what Fergus said is necessarily accurate, and aside from that it’s irrelevant to the current situation (the current situation being that the universe is treating Aric and Lemmo like its bitches, and Aric is PISSED about it – and rightly so!)

    Also…is Aric CRYING?? D’: Poor Aric!! I hope Fergus feels terrible and I hope that the explosion really inconveniences him, because he deserves it! And then I hope Lemmo gives him a hug. :)

  21. NoriMori

    I mean, Aric. I hope Lemmo gives Aric a hug. XD I made it sound like I was talking about Fergus. But I was talking about Aric. XD

  22. random man

    oooooooooh…Fergus just went there

  23. Renee

    Wow, the machinery runs off grief, too.

  24. Raiten

    I think Nexall is right. It looks like the light-house-bug is getting ready to take off again, notice the rapidly flapping wings behind it.

  25. Ray

    It appears the light-house is breaking.

  26. macksting

    @djeims “Your mom’s incapable of… opening herself up, to um… feel anything…”

  27. Lex

    Why don’t you put the whole WORLD in a BOTTLE, Superman?

  28. jaz

    aww, now lookit what you did, fergus! arics crying now! plus, you scared the kids! (the socks foxes, and maybe lemmo) …but i have to agree, “burn” is a very fitting name for this!

    @random man — yes.

  29. wonderboy

    harsh, man

  30. Lipkin

    Words can hurt. Know what else can hurt? Getting hit by someone much bigger than you. Someone should teach Fergus this lesson.

  31. Ablindfoxx

    Ohmygosh ferrous you dun it now that bug light house is going to have a meltdown

  32. Ablindfoxx


  33. NoriMori

    Lol @Lipkin

  34. Nester64

    I think Fergus may just be saying something hurtful. I dont think harsh truths count as insults, and the lighthouse is freaking out, so this may just be a very potent insult

  35. TechUnadept


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