By Whatever Means


  1. macksting

    Oh god, she’s cute like Ponyo. -_- She should be nauseating, and by some magic she isn’t.

  2. Kid of Death

    Haha! That’s great! Way to go Marina! If she’d been with Lemmo and Aric when Aric and Fergus started fighting, that thing never would have lifted off.

  3. runedeadthA

    I’m amazed Ferg’ didn’t keel over dead O.O

  4. Ray

    Well, it is often hard to tell an insect’s gender.

  5. Wilhelm

    Lord Ben is back from vacation!

  6. Gram

    Aric, I love this! I want Fergus merch.

  7. Kid of Death

    Parasox are still adorable. I want one. Or both. Both, preferably. >.<

  8. Lipkin

    We demand Fergus and Parasox plushies.

  9. noisyparker

    I dunno about a Fergie doll… it seems like it would be even worse than Barbie when it comes to presenting an unrealistic body image to young girls. I shudder to think of what eating disorders it might inspire.

  10. Kid of Death

    Not Fergie, Fergus. The butterfly/beetle.

  11. Dana

    Hahaha! Marina IS a breath of fresh air for the guys and this comic. Still LOVE the Parasox. “You a girl?” XD

  12. Nexall

    we really need to learn parasox’s names, also… actually no I don’t really have anything else to say right now… Hi :)

  13. RydeDawg

    Well dagum Marina just unknowingly put Fergus in his place. It seems are cynical bug has found himself in quagmire of a situation. Mhmm -tunes acoustic guitar-

  14. Sir Matt

    This was precious.

  15. Chaos Theory

    Hilarious. Furthermore, I agree with the request for plushies.

  16. macksting

    Fergus is gonna have a hell of a time flying while she’s around.


    The new dynamic with Marina has brough new and fantastic things to Blank It!! LOVED this one.


  18. noisyparker

    @kid, I was talking about the butterfly/beetle. :)

  19. Parrot

    Marina is definitly awesome.

  20. Kid of Death

    @parker, you call the butterfly Fergie?

  21. dagonboy6666

    Marina is good lawful

  22. altoid55

    parasox names should be completely unimaginative such as righty and leftie

  23. dagonboy6666

    and Fergus is chactic, something

  24. dagonboy6666


    I disagree

  25. dagonboy6666


    Nebula and Quantum Phantom would be better names

  26. noisyparker

    @kid, after today’s comic… yep =D

  27. Ozimul

    Dangit, Marina!!! You’re way too adorable!
    (… you a girl, Fergus?)

  28. hi


  29. wonderboy

    crud, that is adorable

  30. Cenacattack

    I have a sinking suspiousion that fergus, is indeed NOT a female. But I need more evidence.

  31. E_is_for_Eric


  32. Kid of Death

    @parker: I still think Fergus is a guy, until proven otherwise. Lol

  33. dagonboy6666

    and Fergus is chaoctic, something

  34. MultiversalInk

    Fergus is chaotic angry.

  35. dagonboy6666

    I say we have vote on what the foxes names should be, even through it is unlikey to effect what Lemmo and Aric will name them or, if they will be named at all.

  36. dagonboy6666


    Of course, and Pericles Van Mudgett is chaotic explosive

  37. dagonboy6666



  38. maglorius

    well, she did stop spinning.

  39. dagonboy6666

    but for how long

  40. dagonboy6666

    Blank it book 3. revenge of the spining girl

  41. MultiversalInk

    Or chaotic grouchy. I think grouchy was the word I was looking for, but I didn’t find it so I said angry instead.

    Anyway, this has got to be the most adorable Blank It strip since the Parafockses first appeared ^^

  42. dagonboy6666


    yeah. but is was sad when sox died

  43. dagonboy6666

    I ask on face book who reads this comic and I got 3 votes yes and 4 votes no

  44. dagonboy6666

    ever get a song stuck in your head that realy annoyed you so you and then get the uncontrolable urge to make fun of it?

  45. complainthat

    Enjoying the color panels more each time…and the parafox.

  46. Cameron

    Makes me sad that I probably won’t meet someone like Marina in real life.
    Better start looking.

  47. random man

    What’s with the “I just wanna eat you up” line? It seems weird that someone like Marina would tell someone that she wants to eat them.

    p.s. – there have been 46 comments total, not including mine. I wanted to point out that Dragonboy6666 has made 13 of them. That’s over 1/4 of all of the comments. I would like to politely remind Dragonboy6666 that he can put all of his comments into one or two, maybe three posts total, separating ideas with line breaks to keep the number of comments manageable.


  48. Dasaki

    oh my god! she’s so friggin adorable!!!

  49. macksting

    Funny thing is, she was saying that about Fergus.

  50. NoriMori

    @random man

    Uh, “I just wanna eat you up” is a pretty common saying, I’m confused as to why it baffles you.

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