Calls ’em Like He Sees ’em


  1. tez711

    brilliant! absolutely brilliant!

  2. macksting

    Sure enough, that mouth doesn’t appear to close.

  3. Miesa

    *le gasp* a chipbiting milkdipper! such a foul mouth that one has.
    oh and i can see it all now. a whole new kind of cursing… cookie cursing!

  4. tez711

    so King Ginger knows that Aric has been repeatedly breaking cookie law, which means that Wendell must in fact have telepathically communicated with him at the wreckage sight. after seeing Wendell create matter and teleport via chocolate, this may not seem too impressive but it raises a lot more questions about cookiekind

  5. Jill

    Aric’s smudgy shirt is so beautifully rendered!

  6. Megan

    good gracious. Wendall is a pretty powerful tattle tale.

  7. g_rock

    Hes a real chipbiting milkdipper…
    He’s a real double-stufer…
    I think he was baked with margarine…
    Calling these two nutters would be an insult to peanut butter cookies everywhere…
    I think they forgot the high altitude adjustment on that one…
    He coulda used a few more minutes at 375°…
    Nutter Butter city called, they want their mayor back…
    He’s a crumb-licking carob-head…
    I think he’s generic store-brand…

  8. g_rock

    “Calling someone a chipbiting milkdipper?!? The king will hear of…oh, right.”

  9. macksting

    Wendall sure seem to have the King’s ear. Favoritism. He’s probably licking his Majesty’s spatula.

  10. Midoriko

    I have this perfect voice for the king in my head.

    Been left too long with the package open
    He’s a grocery store imitation brand

    Someone do one with a reference to sugar free cookies. I can’t think of one off the top of my head.

  11. Lipkin

    also @g_rock

    I think you were left in too long.

    You’re stuck to the pan.

  12. bluesox

    That Wendall is sure chocolatey, I also think King Ginger’s mouth doesn’t close… Isn’t Ginger a girl name? That copy writted upside down son of a waffle cookie is so undercooked with his doughy gingered brain.. Or whatever it is royal deserts think with. Haha! I love it!

  13. Ziggy Stardust

    I wonder if Cookie Monster would feel any way about this utopia of goodness.

  14. g_rock

    @Ziggy: Lemme put it to you this way…
    I wonder if Godzilla would feel any way about downtown Tokyo. Now that’d be a sight to see, wouldn’t it? Blue fur and goo-covered crumbs everywhere…the horrors…the delicious, snuggly horrors…

  15. me.vicky

    A. King’s pissed face is now my desktop imahe
    B. Chipbiting Milkdipper just entered my curse word vocabulary
    C. The KING thinks ARIC is a weirdo? Talk about calling the cookie burnt :)

  16. Daniel

    I didn’t know Wendal had such a REPULSIVE vocabulary!
    Gasps ALL around!

  17. Fedorov92

    I knew Wendal was a telepath!!!

  18. Timeline

    I love your comics, thanks for making them =]

  19. Squiggly

    This is the most awesome comic ever created.

  20. Midoriko

    He’s a real crumbler…
    They forgot the sugar when he was in the mixing bowl….
    Someone mixed him the wrong way…

    Um, um, what else…

    He’s unbaked and full of salmonella…

  21. Cali

    ChipBiting Milkdipper. I’m using that from now on.

  22. pseudo

    Is the king the first person in this world the name himself?

  23. Katlyn

    Well, well, well. Lemmy and Aric shock us again, and will be accused of not scripting their wierdness. I can’t see it, but I’d write a random comic like XKCD, myself. That this has been in the works, they can prove and makes me go 0.0 Also, are there pictures so we know who to feed cookies to and run away from in cons?

    G_Rock et all, chocolate bits come in a couple sizes. Nips are the smallest, like tiny tinytiny kisses, then theres bits, I think… then chunks, then squares, then bars.

    He’s a few chunks short of a bar.

    NSA doesn’t mean No Strings Attached with him…

    He’s tastless as flour (or other.)


    And that’s all I can think of…

  24. vengerofthelight

    “… so boring you’d think he was sugar free…”

  25. vengerofthelight

    I meant, "…so tasteless you'd think he was sugar-free…"
    Bloody keys.

  26. Ray

    Oh dear. Personally, chipbiting milkdipper or not, I don’t want Aric NOR Lemmo to be imprisoned or otherwise punished. Their society is darker than a chocolate cookie…

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