Canned Response


  1. tez711

    in the past few comics, i’ve found wendall’s behavior to be incredibly unreliable but aric and lemmo’s to perfectly flow. interesting . . .

  2. Ray

    I wonder what sliced open the move-a-tube’s door? Aric’s newly-gigantified sword. And on another note, it seems Wendall is a bit of a tattler.

  3. McFlury

    I’m starting to wonder who this king of cookies is… I think it’s an oreo cookie (*gD0GcF4SXQm5aoE3Ee7j4ym4-*VHUXNsghRo2ZFJLnCGjVmmvpTC*ajkikBeS7aIuyptNtzKGJy*j3in3uWn/oreo_Full1.jpg )

    Also, I give Wendall one more comic to explain his somewhat bad character, else I might have to start disliking him…

  4. Ziggy Stardust

    I’m just watching Lemmo throughout all this. Waiting to see what he does in reaction to the situation… it’s like H2G2 all over again! Only longer between updates…

  5. Jevning

    Whoo! The sword /is/ still growing.

  6. Midoriko

    Seems Wendall is quickly losing control of the situation

  7. Renee

    Midoriko, are you bad-mouthing Wendall?? The king will hear of this!

  8. them1me1you

    It’s amazing how the story has changed so much. there are like sections of story that lead almost randomly to other situations that keep changing the story but it all flows so well.

  9. noisyparker

    *tries to be positive* hm… maybe, while we wait to get some more info on Wendall, it is best to keep in mind that his first action in the comic was to offer comfort to a troubled Aric… that’s something to go in his Pro column, surely.

  10. Fedorov92

    I think Wendall is a bit spoiled…

  11. Daniel

    I’m dissapointed that Lemmo hasn’t spoken in the last two strips…Hopefully in the next one he’ll speak. I’m missing his wonderful brand of humor and sarcasm that he delivers with every line. ;)

  12. Mast3rmind

    Wendall is turning into my little sister, he does things without explaining them, answers to someone of greater importance than themself, has that greater importance on their side, tattles like an american ratting out a commie, and is covered in chocolate

  13. RGSwan

    Soooo….is anyone else wondering who/what is wielding the now giant bug sword? Since it just sliced through the door and was withdrawn.

  14. Midoriko

    RGSwan, I believe it just became too big. And then… cut through the wall. And floor.

    That or the cookie king is ANGRY.

  15. Megan

    Midoriko, that’s what I thought.. That the sword grew so large that it first cut through the wall, then got too heavy and so cut/fell through the floor. Better watch out–them hershey bars will be chocolate chunks in a minute. hehe

  16. Colbo

    It didn’t fall, they are in an elevator…

  17. Silarn

    You mean move-a-tube!

  18. Daniel

    Aah, good catch, Colbo.

  19. Midoriko

    Ohhhh, that makes sense! Well done Colbo.

  20. macksting

    An elevator? I assumed they were headed in another direction, yet that does explain why it cut through the floor. Thanks!

  21. Colbo

    Always glad to be of assistance.

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