Can’t Tell If Dumb Or


  1. MarshmallowRadiation

    The next-generation in Move-a-tube technology!

    Also, sucks for anyone who wanted to post “first.”

  2. LostInMyWonderland

    Hey look at that, one of the first <3 Annnnnnnyway! Good on ya man! Lemmo knows a good idea when he sees one!

  3. s4ndm4n2006

    Lemmo knows a good idea when he doesn’t have to think of it himself. LOL. Not sure where this is heading but… I’m sure it will be hilarious!

  4. Piemaster

    A little TOO convenient… I wouldn’t trust that tube :P

  5. cheetaboy7

    Marina’s face is perfect. You must have worked on it for a while to get it right.

  6. David Ahia

    Can’t tell if dumb, or AWESOME idea. Would this make hand juice Lemmo’s idea? Are penguins Lemmo’s idea? What constitutes an “idea” in the canvas? Also, no interjections from handi-aric, this saddens me.

  7. erdbeere

    So now, it is Marina who speaks out Aric’s thoughts?

  8. Ryan

    I like how Marina isn’t at all afraid of admonishing either one of them.

  9. Lemmo

    @cheetaboy7 Nah, I was just on fire when I drew this. Came out good on the first try.

  10. NoriMori

    IIRC, from the comments in previous strips it seems that everyone’s been baffled as to why Aric’s having such a hard time. But now we can clearly see that his gravity is the same as the robots’ (since robot and human gravity seem to always be opposing each other here), likely because of the robot attached to his arm.

  11. MarshmallowRadiation

    I just noticed: if the go-anywhere tube is supposed to be for the robots, why is the sign upside-down for them?

  12. Nexall

    hmmm… is the “Go Anywhere Tube” going to send him anywhere of it’s choosing or his? will he just be thrown back to fergus, will parasox come out to guide him, will the tube send him to a different dimension or world in the same dimension. well I guess we’ll see in the next comic.
    (P.S. this is my longest reply ever :D)

  13. Noam

    Finally updated.. It has been a looong time..

  14. Teenlink

    Since when were they actually trying to get anywhere? I figure they have all the time in the world, so they might as well take their time.

  15. Chaos G'rothnir

    But where do they want to go? The cookie kingdom? The new shovel beam? Fergus? Parasox? The bug lighthouse? Who knows…

  16. Arwael

    Time for them to boldy go forth. Into the tube and what lies beyond the tube. Or maybe the sign is lying to them. Maybe it’s not a go anywhere tube, but a cunning trap. Or shoddy advertising.

  17. random man

    @arwael or maybe a giant billboard for a go-anywhere tube that happens to be right next to a tube-like structure, but is actually a robot escape hatch leading to exactly one spot, like the trapdoor on lightree island (the island that aric and lemmo found each other on after their half bugcopter split them up).

    ps that is probably the longest sentence i have ever written.

  18. Arwael

    Oooh… That’s an idea. I like that idea. It’s complicated and random.

    But maybe… it’s a robot escape hatch that goes anywhere!

  19. Dagonboy6666

    I think it’s like the infinte imporbality drive. It can bring you anywhere, but it’s not nesscialy where you want to go.

  20. Arwael


    So, you raise a good point. Anywhere is well, anywhere. It could take them somewhere they’ve never seen before. In fact, that’s quite likely…

  21. Dagonboy6666

    this has nothing to do with the comic but, who here hates hydrofracking?

  22. Dagonboy6666

    sorry dellte that post I was just testing something to see if it worked off facebook.

  23. Jackson

    Is there a “Remove Robot Puppet Doppelganger from Hand Tube?” That thing gives me the jibblies.

  24. Dagonboy6666

    naa to convinet, it needs to be something weirder and with unexpected downside, like aan extra hand. or it steals your. maybe your pants too but no one really cares about that

  25. Dagonboy6666

    insert an hat between steals your and the .

  26. Dagonboy6666

    funny, none of the sites I posted that on dellted it. odd

  27. Dagonboy6666

    throw a hat through the tube see what happens

  28. Dagonboy6666

    what if don’st just mean in space? what if it means in time too? they could go back to the begining of the universe and relive Aric taking his opants off. that’d be a akward exprinnce. conserding that Marina is with them this time.

  29. David Ahia

    With go anywhere tubes, commuting across the canvas must be a simple and rather enjoyable task.

  30. theBean

    whoa…who knew Aric was a sign shark:

  31. Raiten

    Since no one else has said it… *makes warp pipe noise*

  32. Me

    Lemmo is so hilarious! I’m going to use that from now on.

  33. Ray

    Who says going anywhere is a good idea? Who says they’ll choose where to go? I don’t trust that tube.

  34. MarshmallowRadiation

    @theBean No offense to that guy, but Aric seems to have a tad more hair than that. Just a tad.

  35. Dagonboy6666

    last comment

  36. JasonSquare15

    I have the last comment

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