Cassie’s Law


  1. Goriath

    I still think this universe is at least PARTLY idea powered.

  2. Jloopy

    Water striding Lem. Brilliant.
    Insert Jesus joke… right below my post…

  3. macksting

    Jesus and Moses sat by the Red Sea, reminiscing. Naturally, this led to a pissing contest of sorts, as each savior tried to play up his role.
    Jesus bet that Moses couldn’t part the Red Sea anymore. Moses stood, staff in the air, and a bridge of land was exposed as the waters spread before him. He grins, turns to Jesus, and says, “Now I’ll bet you can’t walk on water anymore.” He puts his hands down and sits again, the waters lay down again behind him.
    Jesus scoffs and strides out onto the water in all his barefoot glory. He barely gets out before he starts quickly sinking into the sea.
    Sayeth Moses: “I knew those holes in his feet would screw him up some day.”

  4. Jloopy


  5. McFlury

    Brilliant Jesus joke :) I honoustly expected Moses to be mean and pull the water from underneath Jesus’ feet, making him smack facedown on rockhard soil. Your joke is lots better though :)

  6. macksting

    Can’t claim credit for that one. I mostly just recycle ’em.
    Jesus: the only savior who can use his hands as a whistle.

  7. Renee

    Mind > Matter

  8. Dan Bernard

    This is going to be a movie someday and you’ll be rich. Congratulations in advance.

  9. lemmo

    Wow, that’s a heavy compliment. Thanks.

  10. DragoNero

    Mmmmmm BlankIt movie???? Lemmo, Aric… whens it out?!?

  11. EndlessAlibi

    Love the comic. Discovered it a couple of weeks ago. Reminds me a lot of my favourite movie “Nothing” starring David Hewlett. Although that movie was more about the disappearing of things… The universe becoming blank.

  12. SetUpTheBomb

    Wow, Fergus really doesn’t like Lemmo…

    And where’s Socks?

    Watch he’s like some overseer of the universe of nothing. Like the Architect in the Matrix. You gotta watch out for foxes…

  13. Ralis

    Gotta love the “Damn” as in “He acctually managed to walk on the purple sea!?” unexpected, incredibly effective!

    I do indeed want to compliment you guys on this, however, I won’t bother repeating stuff you hear all the time, so this will have to do as your compliment!

  14. Evan

    Awesome! I love that part when the insect cusses. I don’t he expected it to work.

  15. NoriMori

    LOL!!! “Damn.”

  16. Handgunman

    He can walk across it because when he made it it was from a hole in the ground that spurted the liquid, so there isn’t much water there, just the ground right under the water

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